Young Living Essential Oils Company Launches New Office in Finland

In the latest new company launches, Young Living Essential Oils opened an additional office in Finland in May. The Utah-based company currently sells their essential oil products in 15 different markets around the world, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany. The company’s management team and senior leaders say they are looking forward to expanding into Europe, Indonesia, and Taiwan later this year. 

Young Living Essential Oils Company Launches New Office in Finland - D. Gary Young and Mary Young

D. Gary Young and Mary Young are the ones who founded the essential oils company. Gary fell in love with essential oils because of its many health benefits. However, he noticed that each bottle was different. Some bottles had high-quality essential oil and others were lower quality. To solve this problem, he started an organic herb farm. He teamed up with his wife Mary, who had a background in marketing and direct-selling, and they launched Young Living Essential Oils in 1994. Today the Utah based company is the largest essential oil distillery in North America. Part of its success is the company’s proprietary Seed to Seal® process. The Seed to Seal® process allows the essential oil to remain potent throughout every step of the production process until it gets into the hands of the customer. Young Living Essential Oils now has offices and farms around the world. In 2015 its revenues topped $1 billion and the company ranked among the top 20 direct selling companies in the world according to DSN Global 100. 

Young Living Essential Oils Company Launches New Office in Finland - Fields

The company’s global corporate sales leadership team has also expanded to keep up with the company’s rapid growth. In addition to strengthening its global sales team, the Young Living Essential Oils company has divided its largest market, the U.S., into three regions and hired on a sales director to lead each one. Many people were promoted to different positions and new people were hired to fill their old roles. Overall, seven key sales managers have different positions.  

Young Living Essential Oils Company Launches New Office in Finland

Joey Nanto, the former Vice President of International Business, was promoted to Vice President of the United Kingdom branch. Eddie Silcock was promoted to Senior Vice President of Global Sales from his previous role as Vice President of North America. Silcock is a highly experienced executive who has worked for more than twenty years at another multi-level marketing company. He is also widely considered to be the one responsible for helping the company reach $1 billion in revenue. 

Young Living Essential Oils - Finland

The company’s Asian division also expanded due to multiple job promotions. Tyler Williams is now the General Manager of Greater China. He was very important in opening new markets in the Asian region. Yu Oki will now serve as the Country Manager of Japan. The role of Vice President of Southeast Asia belongs to Will Halterman, who just celebrated his tenth anniversary with the Young Living Essential Oil. Will Halterman used to be the General Manager of Southeast Asia region. Before that, he was in charge of the sales divisions in Australia and New Zealand. Young Living Essential Oils also decided to ramp up its Hispanic division due to the demographics booming economic growth and purchasing power. Gabriel Sanchez, who recently joined the essential oil company, has been named General Manager of the Latin American region. Mildred Muniz was promoted to the position of Director of the Latino Market in the United States. She will be responsible for growing the company’s Hispanic customers in the United States. The company’s senior management believes that growing company’s new leadership structure will allow them to serve their expanding markets even better.

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