The Young Living Essential Oils Company Launches New Farm and Distillery


In the latest news, the Young Living Essential Oils company recently launched a new farm and distillery in British Columbia, Canada called The Northern Lights Farm. Young Living Essential Oils is one of the premier sources for essential oils. The company hosted the first Farm Day at Northern Lights on August 24th at its official grand opening. This was the perfect way to kick off their Canadian national convention. Attendees were able to tour the distillery and farm, visit the education center and go to a conference. The Founder and Chairman of Young Living Essential Oils, Gary Young, says they will encourage employees and distributors to visit the farm and help with harvesting. They also plan to build a lodge, spa, and a center for visitors to get more information.



The multi-level company originally bought the British Colombian farm in 2014 after conducting extensive research and determining the land didn’t show any signs of fertilizers or synthetic chemicals. Young Living Essential Oils uses the area’s natural resources to manufacture and develop a string of products including, Harmony™, Valor II™, Shutran™, Envision™, and Awaken™. They also use the farm as a source for their Black Spruce essential oil product line since it is near the Rocky Mountains. Since the farm’s inception, it has produced almost 6,500 liters of the best-selling product.



The company’s headquarters and main facilities are in Utah. Young Living Essential Oils operates seven different farms around the world that are close to different essential oil sources. Their signature Seed to Seal process makes sure the essential oils stay pure without any synthetic chemicals. Customers love their products because they are more likely to get the most natural oils due to the company’s rigorous quality controls.




There are five steps to the company’s Seed to Seal process that allow them to carefully monitor their oil production. During the first step, researchers examine the seeds to see if they could potentially yield high-quality essential oils due to high levels of biochemical elements. They also try to verify that the seed will produce potent oil before it is harvested. The second step involves using the right sustainable methods to grow and harvest the seeds. Young Living Essential Oils experts also fly to different countries all over the world to talk with other farmers to make sure the oil will match their superior quality standards. The company’s third step involves using their essential oil distillation process that combines current methods and older techniques. The Young Living Essential Oils company also uses a proprietary technique that uses steam to gently extract the essential oils from the seeds. Depending on the type of oil they are making, the company may use resin tapping or cold pressure. Their fourth step involves making sure the oils are not diluted or contaminated. Employees test the oils in the company’s labs to make sure the quality stays consistent and has the right levels of natural compounds. They also verify the quality by outsourcing their facts to be verified by other third-party facilities. All the testing methods just allow the company to have certainty that their products will meet international essential oil standards and their own specifications. After the product goes through all of these extensive, separate testing stages, the customers can receive their products during the last step of the Seed to Seal process. The products are carefully bottled, labeled, packaged, and shipped from their warehouse and facility in Spanish Fork, Utah. The Young Living Essential Oils company uses the system to fulfill its promise of stewarding the earth and its people.

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