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You have done everything you could to have a successful pitch and you still received ‘no’ as an answer. This moment can feel like a defeat, but there’s no cause for concern. You may not have gotten the answer you wanted, but every ‘no’ is important. But how can a rejection be important? Here’s how:


“No” makes you appreciate ‘yes’



If every answer was always ‘yes’, you wouldn’t ever know what it felt like to fail. Not knowing what failure feels like can leave you with rose-colored glasses and you can lose your appreciation for success. Individuals who know what it means to fail or to struggle are more appreciative of their success and stability. When you get ‘no’ for an answer, remember a time you got a ‘yes’ and be thankful. Rejection hurts, but it can make success all the sweeter.


“No” helps you reevaluate

Did that rejection make you lose the passion for your project? Or did it make you decide to try harder and keep going? ‘No’ can help you reaffirm your goals and evaluate whether you are pursuing the right path. If that rejection did nothing to dampen your enthusiasm, that means you are doing something right—even without the response you were looking for! But if ‘no’ makes you want to give up and quit, it’s time to look inwards and decide if this is really what you want in the first place.


“No” keeps you motivated



Every ‘no’ is merely an opportunity to grow and improve. Learn from the rejection: what changes do you need to make to ensure that the answer is ‘yes’ in the future? If you allow yourself to remain complacent in your venture, you will never have the chance to grow and thrive. Use the ‘no’ as a teaching moment and evaluate what caused that rejection so it can be removed or improved upon. Be thankful, because now you have the chance to grow and become even better than you were before—what more motivation could you need?


“No” strengthens you

You need a thick skin to succeed in many cases and if there is never a chance for you to grow that thick skin, you will always be fragile and weak. Every ‘no’ is another trial to help strengthen yourself. Think of each ‘no’ as a stepping stone closer to your goal and allow the rejection to wash over you without having to take it personally. If you can get used to hearing ‘no’, it will no longer surprise or sting as much; instead, you will begin to see it as a new opportunity. ‘No’ is important, because practice makes perfect and the ‘no’ is perfect practice.


Hopefully, we have helped you understand why every ‘no’ is just as important as every ‘yes’. Don’t let the “no’s” stop you: take them in stride, learn from them, and get out there again to receive a ‘yes’ next time. Every rejection merely paves the way to success!


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Dealing with Rejection: Why Saying No is Important


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