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In any network marketing or direct sales business, connecting with people is one of the key strategies for success. As a marketer, there are various ways you can use to communicate with people. However, technology has gone a notch higher, and social media platforms have improved from offering platforms to post your business to chances of live streaming videos from your mobile device. One of the platforms that have successfully done this is Facebook. With the Facebook live platform, you can build up your business to grow and become successful. As a network marketer or a direct sell professional, you might be wondering how this tool can help you find new clients and leads, maintain current customers and stay in touch with business partners. Well, here is a detailed reason as to why Facebook lives are great for business.


Why Is FB Live Great for Business?

Facebook live has the power of improving your business because of the following reasons.


  •    You have the option of choosing your audience



Facebook Live can be done through your personal profile, and you can choose whom you would love to broadcast to. You can either choose to broadcast to the public, friends only, specific list of friends or just a few friends. You can choose between going on a public live broadcast and once done, you can boost the post to reach a wider audience of your choice.


  •    Provides Unique contents to clients

Live streaming contents in social media are taking businesses to a whole new level. Network marketers using Facebook Live have an opportunity of providing new and unique content to their viewers. Use of Facebook Live as a strategy of spreading content to viewers in real time. For a perfect live stream, however, adequate planning should be done so that your unedited content meets the clients as it should.


  •    Cost-effectiveness

We all work on a budget. As a network marketer, you will need to advertise your products using cost-effective strategies to reach a larger number of audience. The cost of advertising using media platforms has always been unbearable more so for network marketers and direct salespersons. Facebook Live has relieved this stress since it has been found out that most consumers love live actions that edited videos. All you need here is a smartphone and internet connectivity.


  •    Helps in connecting with your audience directly



Facebook Live helps in spreading the content of your business directly to the audience without any filtration. As a network marketer, Facebook Live can be great for your business since you can interact with your audience in a question and answer session where you can answer real-time questions as well as offer advice in real time. As a salesperson, you will have to passionately engage and respond to your audience.


  •    FB live will attract more people to your Facebook page

Facebook live streaming can be a source of traffic on your page. When you have a quality content to promote through live videos, you will automatically create more engagement with potential users. More of the clients will be visiting your page to have a glimpse of the video that has already been saved. To drive more traffic, you will have to always post new and updated contents. Your page will become a one-stop arena for clients who would like getting information about the products you are selling.


  •    Helps in promoting upcoming training and business events

Facebook Live remains the best platform to inform your audience of upcoming events, training among other discussions. With facebook Live, a marketer can discuss the upcoming events with the potential users of your products or services. The real-time video can create a deep connection between your team as you can share updates and hold team meetings.


Facebook Live remains to be one of the best strategies for connecting with your downline and potential customers. However, you will need an internet signal and a phone with a nice camera. It can work better with iPhones than Android devices.


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Why Facebook Live is Great for Business


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