Why 3-Way calls are important


To succeed in any direct sales or network marketing, the strategies you lay out matters. One of the strategies that you can easily use is 3-way calling. A 3 way call also known as a conference call is a way of adding a third party in a telephone communication without indulging with the telephone operator. 3-way calling is an important tool in network marketing where a consultant or the marketer brings a guest in the line to explain to a prospector the story of either the business or its products. Here are some of the reasons why 3-way calls are important.


Why 3-way calls are important?

Talking to prospects is very important. You will need to learn about them and understand why they need a home-based business or a product you are selling. 3-way calls will be the ultimate savior at such an instance. Their importance is as follows.


  • Helps introduce the prospect to your business partner




A 3-way calling is the best way that enables marketers to introduce their prospect to a business partner who is more experienced and has achieved more success in the business. If the prospect has just joined the business in less than 48 hours, the experienced partner can encourage them.


  • Builds the prospectors’ confidence

Through 3 way calls, a prospector is introduced into the business. They are also introduced into the training infrastructure which will, in turn, boost their confidence in joining your team or purchasing your product if it is right for them. The prospects will also talk to real people and not personalities they read online hence promoting their confidence.


  • Elimination of fear

In 3-way calling, a new team member can eliminate deathly fear because of the professional coaching that is provided. They also interact with the upline leaders who are successful and are assumed to be busy always. The little time they are offered to talk with the leader will always eliminate their fears and join the team. The upline leaders always have more experience and can do a good job at explaining opportunity or the products being sold. The prospect client can also interact with a successful user of your product through the calling. Through that interaction, they can eliminate the fear they had on your products.


  • Gives the leader chance to edify a team member

Three-way calling is the simplest way where an upline leader edifies the team hence promoting credibility. The leader can also edify the team member in front of the prospect as someone who is serious about the business and an asset to the team hence boosting credibility to higher levels.


  • Educating the team member

3-way calls help in practically showing team members instead of telling them how to do the business in real life. It also helps in educating the marketer how to talk to their prospects. As a network marketer, you will be able to gain training as you listen to your sponsor explain the benefits of the business or the product to the prospector.


  • Opens up communication with the prospect



Through 3 way calls, you would have opened up lines of communication with your prospects. If the prospect needs more time to think before making a decision, they would be assured that they can contact you without hesitation. If they make up their mind and join your team, they would feel secure knowing they have joined a supportive team.


3 way calls always have higher probabilities of prospects being converted immediately after speaking to either your sponsor or the successful user of your products. 3-way calls are the easiest ways to make decisions simple for your prospects. Always give a chance to 3-way calls, and you will easily land a new customer.


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Why 3-Way calls are important



Why 3-Way Calls are Important


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