The Top 7 Reasons Why Your Network Marketing Organization Isn’t Growing

Reasons Why Your Network Marketing Organization Isn't Growing

Network marketing offers tremendous opportunities to grow a direct sales business, but it’s not an easy, sure thing.

At some point in their careers, many distributors feel like hamsters running furiously inside a wheel, going nowhere despite long hours. Customers come, customers go. Downline members sign on, then bounce off to the next new bright shiny object.

What are the 7 most common reasons your team isn’t growing?

1. You can’t tell prospective business builders why they should sign on with you instead of somebody else in the company.

Savvy prospects know that their upline is crucial to their success. They need and want guidance. However, if you come across as a super-salesperson, they might join, but they will believe they cannot achieve your level of success because they don’t know how to move lots of retail product or how to sign up new recruits. So, how do you lead them to empower themselves, so they can tell their recruiting prospects why their organization is the one to join?

Have a website full of useful content. Teach them how to recruit, how to set up their own WordPress blog, how to post images on Pinterest and everything else that could help them.

That positions you as a leader sharing knowledge with your members so they duplicate your success.

2. You use a get-rich-quick pitch to attract new distributors.

Recently, online social media marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk surprised a lot of people in network marketing by criticizing its business model during a livecast. He basically said that telling people they should sign up people to do all the work while they spend the rest of their lives on the beach was not sustainable.

However, the biggest argument against this approach is simply that it appeals only to people who would rather lay out on the beach than build a downline. When they don’t have an easy 5-figure monthly income in 60 days, they move on or simply become inactive.

3. You’re not doing what you want your team to do.

It’s great to support your team. Get on three-way calls with them and prospects. Coach them. Answer their questions. But you cannot stop selling product and be prospecting yourself. The speed of the leader dictates the speed of the team. If you’re not producing, they will stop producing.

That doesn’t mean you don’t help them as much as you can, but you teach best by example. Talk to new people every day.

4. You pay attention only to the most ambitious recruits.

A lot of business builders talk about how much money you can make in network marketing. They brag about the people getting monthly checks from $50,000 to $1 million. However, not everybody even wants to achieve that. 80% of network marketers would be happy with $250 to $1,000 a month in profit. Another 15% just want to make $30,000 per year. It doesn’t sound like much compared to the dramatic successes, but people who receive that much don’t quit. It’s not yacht money, but it helps them pay off bills and invest for their future.

Only 5% want to go after 5-figures a month, but going after them is where most network marketers put their focus.

5. You give up on people too soon.

The traditional sales mentality of going through as many prospects as possible contributes to this. Some will, some won’t. Next!

However, starting a successful network marketing business is not an impulse buy like candy in the checkout line of a supermarket. It’s not even a luxury like a new Tesla. You need to change their mindset, and that takes time and information.

To attract true business builders, you must convince them that network marketing is legitimate, that your company’s products are effective and that you and your upline have a system they can work. You must show them that they can make money with the opportunity.

Just like successful online marketers “nurture” leads by sending them a series of automated emails, you must build relationships with your prospects. Never take “no” as their final answer. Send them to new videos, podcasts, blog posts, webinars and group calls. Build their belief in you, your company, the industry and, most importantly, themselves.

6. You’re trying to recruit in ways that is not congruent with your message.

Some organizations tell distributors to put flyers on the windshields of parked cars. “Make $10,000 a month.” But if you were really making $10,000 a month, would you be out walking around in the heat, rain, and snow putting flyers on car windshields?

7. You don’t have an easily duplicatable system.

Most people hate to sell. They hate rejection. They don’t want to speak in public. They don’t want to approach their warm market or strangers. Often they’ll sign up when a super-salesperson celebrity type overwhelms them at a meeting, but they’ll soon regret it, and retreat.

Therefore, they are most attracted to opportunities where they can let technology do the heavy lifting. That includes recordings on 800 numbers, webinars, podcasts and videos.

Let your business builders just . . . network, not “sell.” Then pass on links to their new friends.

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