In every good network marketing company, there’s a millionaire’s club; that is, a group of people who’ve made a million dollars from the company.

How do you get there?

Besides putting in the regular work to build a profitable business, there’s mindset work to be done. Any millionaire will admit they think differently than the average person.

So, How Do You Think Like a Millionaire?

These differences may be surprising.



1. Millionaires Think Long Term

Your average person thinks paycheck to paycheck. The super poor think day to day. The middle class thinks month to month, and the rich think year to year.

The very wealthy, though? They think decade to decade. They think about legacies.

Why are these differences so major? …Because the very poor are thinking of survival. The middle class seeks to be comfortable because they’re fighting out of their scarcity mentality.

The wealthy, instead of seeking comfort, seek freedom. They build for the future.

If you want to think like a millionaire, think of things like finding ways to double your income in the next year, or how to legally pay less in taxes.

Have the patience of the rich and think of freedom, not comfort.

2. Millionaires Take Risks

The only way out of the rat race is risk. All opportunities mean risk.

Millionaires know that risks are inevitable, and instead of avoiding them (like the poor or middle class do), they practice risk management.

When faced with risk, ask three questions:

1. What’s the best thing that could happen?

2. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

3. What’s the most likely thing to happen?

You can also adopt the “fear setting” technique recommended by Tim Ferriss. Write a list of everything that could go wrong, then write down the steps that it would take to get you to exactly where you are, now.

You’ll usually find that fear is always worse than reality.

Take the risk, intelligently.



3. Millionaires Embrace Change

Change scares people. …But not rich people.

Millionaires embrace change because they know it always brings an opportunity for growth.

Change teaches us new things, things we need to learn to grow. Growth is what keeps income growing, so change is necessary for wealth accumulation.


4. Millionaires Have Multiple Sources of Income

This is one commonly misunderstood by network marketers. Network marketers take this concept as an excuse to work multiple network marketing companies.

Multiple sources of income are diversified. Different businesses, different industries, various methods of investment and ownership.

The more legitimate sources of income you can develop, the more likely it is you will become a millionaire.


5. Millionaires Believe in Generosity

Because the middle class is focused on being comfortable, they think they can’t afford to give.

Millionaires know that money will return to them, so they are happy to give.

Take this test to determine if you possess your money, or if it possesses you: give it away. If you can’t, money possesses you. If you can, you possess money.

Being generous is fun. …And it’s a common habit of millionaires.


Try these habits on for yourself. What other things can you do to set yourself apart from the middle class and move towards being a millionaire?

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How to Think Like A Millionaire


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