The Jeunesse Company’s Charity Launches New Partnership With We Village to Help Kenyan Village


In the latest new direct selling company launches, Jeunesse Global has announced a partnership with the We Village program through their Jeunesse Kids nonprofit organization. Jeunesse Global is a multi-level company that develops anti-aging skin care products and health supplements including Luminesce, NEVO Energy Drink, and Instantly Ageless. One hundred of their best distributors traveled to Irkaat, Kenya to serve their community for the Bringing Hope 2016 celebration in July. They banded together to help build a school and make beaded jewelry with women in the community that they could sell later on. The Chief Executive Officer of Jeunesse Randy Ray, Chief Operating Officer Wendy Lewis, and the Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis also joined the group.

We Villages is a non-profit that focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty so children, both boys and girls, can have access to an education. The founders have worked with people in the communities they serve and international development experts to develop a five-pillar model. The model provides children with access to food, healthcare, water, education, and an opportunity to succeed. You have to address each of these components to allow children and their families the chance to advance their economic conditions.


The leaders at Jeunesse Global started the non-profit Jeunesse Kids in 1995. Their mission is to give children a brighter future around the world. Jeunesse Kids is funded and supported by people who want to support and improve the lives of children living in underprivileged communities around the world. Their vision is to empower communities so they will have the resources to create opportunities for the children. The organization works with a group of philanthropists and distributors who work on making the country’s education and access to healthcare better.



Jeunesse Kids recently posted the charity’s goals on their website. Overall, they will work on any project that will stop child exploitation, bring education and healthcare to children, or anything else that will bring economic relief to struggling communities.  From local shoedrives, to healthcare education in third world countries, to fundraising for children’s hospitals. They also encourage distributors to get involved and lead projects. Every month they have a Jeunesse Kids Days that reminds Jeunesse employees about the non-profit’s mission and reveals more information about how they can contribute to the cause.




Jeunesse started supporting the Irkaat village in Kenya in 2015 once they decided to focus on smaller, local project. So far the company has donated over $290,000 to date. They have built a new school. Before the people who lived in Irkaat used a temporary school room made with clay or wood. They also installed a water pump and sanitation system near the school that will also help the community. A mobile health clinic visits the village periodically to give people vaccines and checkups. The clinics also offer workshops about certain health issues so community members can stay informed. Jeunesse Kids also helps provide extensive agricultural training and development.



In addition to helping the community in Irkaat, Jeunesse employees and distributors have helped other areas in need. Before they teamed up with We Village in Kenya, Jeunesse Kids donated money to support a village in Dao Lazui, China. While there, they contributed over $225,000 to date and built a permanent school building. They also trained the school’s new teachers, bought school supplies for the children, and developed a water system that would deliver clean water to the school. Now they are in the process of adopting another village in Ecuador that is in the rainforest.

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