The Isagenix Company Launches New Prime Time Community For Members


The Isagenix Company Launches New Prime Time Community For Members -primetimelaunch

The Isagenix company launched a new online community to help members communicate about their health and receive information and tips. The health and wellness company believes this strategic approach will help build a stronger community for the members. Isagenix named the community Prime Time. Members can get access to the group by joining the Facebook group, receiving Prime Time newsletters, and accessing an online portal at the website Isagenix’s Vice President of Opportunity Solutions Patty Raphael believes the new strategy will allow members to have fun while learning about how to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. The company also plans to encourage members to continue their journey to improving their life with contests and other incentives.

The Isagenix Company Launches New Prime Time Community For Members - corp office


John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover founded Isagenix International LLC in 2002. The three business partners wanted to produce safe and effective dietary supplements and personal care products. The company is headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona. Anderson is an experienced business professional with decades of experience in the nutritional supplement industry. He decided to partner with Jim and Kathy Coover since they both had experience in the multi-level marketing industry. Jim Coover acted as chief executive officer of Isagenix until 2013 and became chairman of the board and president in 2015. His wife Kathy Coover serves as the executive vice president of the company.


The Isagenix Company Launches New Prime Time Community For Members - products


Isagenix sells weight loss supplements, snacks, protein shakes and other nutritional products. The company also sells cosmetics and products only for independent sales distributors. Isagenix started the process of conducting research after they founded the company. The company’s biologist William H. Andrews, who worked on telomerase activity in natural compounds at Sierra Sciences, developed many of their innovative products. Based on Andrews scientific research, Isagenix launched their telomere-supporting nutraceutical product.


The Isagenix Company Launches New Prime Time Community For Members - founders

The founders decided to use a direct sales model to allow other people to gain a financial reward for selling their products. After learning about the new opportunity, thousands of people signed up to sell their products to family, friends and loved ones. The company reported around 200,000 active sales associates in 2013. Isagenix expanded outside of the United States the last couple of years. After the company entered the Canadian market, they decided to open offices in Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan and New Zealand. In 2012, the company reported revenues of approximately $335 million in sales. Although the company has offices in multiple countries, the majority of Isagenix’s sales come from American customers. The leaders at Isagenix believe in using their platform for helping the community. The organization frequently raises money for different charitable organizations like Make-A-Wish and Childhelp.

The Isagenix Company Launches New Prime Time Community For Members - Erick Coover

The Prime Time program was designed to complement Isagenix’s START Your Lifecommunity. The leaders at the direct selling company formed START Your Lifecommunity to inspire millennials, the largest demographic of Isagenix Associates or independent distributors. Erik Coover, who is the son of Isagenix co-founders and executives Jim and Kathy Coover, was one of the leaders who spearheaded the START Your Lifecommunity.

Isagenix has experienced trouble in the past. Different consumer organizations have accused the company of making false claims about their products. CHOICE, an annual report released by an Australian consumer organization, asserted that the company’s the “nutritional cleansing” claims were not backed by scientific research. CHOICE also stated that there were report that Isagenix’s independent distributors offered unsolicited and illegal medical advice. The company has also come under fire by people who believe the ingredients in their weight loss products are similar to other cheaper supplements that can be bought in a store.


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