How to Schedule a 3-way Call


A successful network marketer is one who easily converts prospects easily with the laid out strategies. One of the common methods used to convert a lead has been using 3-way calls. This method is not used by many marketers perhaps because of their fear of talking through phones or because their previous attempts never bore fruits. However, for most marketers, 3-way calls have been helping to convert leads. When you set up a 3-way call with the prospect and your sponsor or a successful client, you can get some relief of explaining more to them since that work would be easily done with the more experienced sponsor or the user. 3-way calls have various benefits for your business. However, the success of the calling will be based on how you have scheduled it.

Ways of Scheduling a 3-Way Call

When a prospect shows some interest after hearing from you, or from a call, meeting or event, you can schedule a 3-way call with your upward or sponsor. Here are the steps to making a successful 3-way call.


  • Book a call


After sharing with your prospect, you can tell them that you would love to introduce them to one of your beneficiaries or your sponsor on the upline to get more insightful information. You can book a call with your sponsor and the prospect through choosing an appropriate time where they will all be free. By this time, the prospects should have reviewed basic information.

  • Informing the sponsor

Your sponsor will need to be informed about various details before the call is made. They need to be informed about the information the prospect has viewed, the questions they may have and what are the most important things to address with the prospects, and details about the prospects including their family, occupation, and location. You can also inform them of the potential time where you can make a call.

  • Confirmation of the appointment

You will wait till the sponsor is ready for the call through confirming of the appointment and matching it with their schedule. As a marketer, you will have to confirm the actual day of the call.


Schedule a 3-way call - booking a call


  • Actual calling

You will have to call the sponsor first before adding the prospect to review the details of the discussion. You will then need to 3 way your guest and edify the sponsor on few facts before edifying the prospect through reiterating a few key points. You will then remain quiet and take notes as you listen. When needed or asked to contribute, you should be ready. The call will then be returned to you when the prospect is ready to get started or when he would require more information.

For a successful 3 way call, some of the following tips have to be used:

  •    You should know how to use your phone before you make a 3-way call

Since not everyone knows how to use a three-way call function, it is advised to make a Google search on how to make a 3-way call with your phone model. Once you have read or watched the tutorial, ensure you practice it first with someone else other than your prospect.

  •    Set the call early

Since the sponsor might be committed, you have to try out the call some minutes earlier to ensure they are ready for the call.

  •    Investigate the prospect before making a call

Investigate to qualify if the prospect is ready for the call. If your prospect seems negative or doesn’t see the need of having the call, just drop it to save time.

Always remember that if there are several people in the room and they would love to participate in the call, you have to put the phone on the speaker mode to enhance audibility. With the above tips, I hope you can build up an ever-expanding network of business.

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How to Schedule a 3-Way Call


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