Radién International Launches With Powerful Anti-Aging Skin Products

Many companies claim to have anti-aging skin care products, but Radién International, which launched in September 2016, uses an ingredient proven effective in double-blind clinical trials. It’s the result of 20 years and $100 million of medical research.

Back in 1996, Greg Pilant, Radién’s founder, and CEO, began searching for a way to help patients with chronic wounds. These are severe wounds that do not heal even after 90 days of clinical treatment. They often require amputation, and many of those people do not live for more than a year afterward.


Pilant discovered these wounds would not heal because the patients had elevated levels of matrix metalloproteases (MMPs). These are a group of enzymes also known collectively as a protease. They break down protein in the body, which prevents wounds from healing because they need protein to do so. They especially need the proteins collagen and elastin, the primary components of the body’s connective tissues.

He discovered that an extract of red oak bark, QXP™, downregulates these MMPs. Applied to chronic wounds, QXP™ reduces MMPs so the body can use protein to rebuild tissue to heal the wounds. Products with QXP™ are now used to heal patients with chronic wounds.

Skin Health, Tightness and Youth Also Depends on Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and elastin make up the third, innermost layer of the skin. When people are young, they have lots of these proteins, so their skin is tight, strong, plump and firm. However, after age 20 people lose 1% of their collagen every year. Also, wounds, scrapes, cuts, insect bites, smoking, UV in direct sunlight, air pollution and other stressors damage skin collagen. That’s why, over time, skin develops lines, wrinkles and crows-feet, and sags. Those are signs of reduced, weakened collagen.

By Reducing MMPs, QXP™ Also Develops More Skin Collagen

When people’s skin rebuilds the supporting infrastructure layer of collagen, that takes years off their appearance. It reduces the length and depth of wrinkle lines. It gets rids of scars and dark spots. It firms up sagging skin. Just as it facilitates the healing of chronic wounds, it stimulates the body to “heal” skin damaged by age.


RadiénIx™ Products

All of their products contain the patented QXP™. The company designed all of them to make skin healthier younger looking, but other ingredients are different depending on their emphasis.

For women, there’s a cream to put on in the morning. Its sesame extract tightens and firm skin to provide a good base for applying makeup too. Their night cream for women goes on after the evening shower. It also contains peptides, special protein chains that help rejuvenate skin, and walnut extract.

For women who need to focus on their eyes, the eye cream product works on crows-feet and contains specially designed peptides to reduce dark bags and puffy skin under the eyes.

With RadiénIx™ DéJàVu™, you see short-term improvement. And it strengthens the muscles around your eyes, improving tone and appearance. Their other products focus on the long-term healing of skin aging.

Radién makes a cream designed for men. They formulated it to go deep into men’s thicker skin, and men need to apply it only once a day.

For women who have undergone facial peels, laser dermabrasion and other cosmetic treatments that irritate their skin, Radién makes a healing cream, which focuses on soothing and rebuilding skin. It’s also effective as a general first aid cream.


Compensation Plan

Affiliates earn the difference between product retail and wholesale prices. Once they qualify as a Premier Brand Partner, they also receive residual commissions. That requires generating $2,000 of sales volume per month or $1,000 between two consecutive months.

Affiliates also make money by signing up new affiliates who get a Share It Pack. That costs the new affiliate $199 but includes $800 worth of product, retail prices.

They also offer a number of bonuses and overrides based upon commissionable volume. The details are on this page.

If Radién’s proprietary ingredient works as well as the company claims, they have tremendous growth potential. Affiliates who can present the products to women and men concerned about how aging affects their appearance share the opportunity to make large profits.

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