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Last weekend, on July 29th, the announcement and launch event of Divvee Social and Hodo Global merging to form Nui happened in their corporate hometown of Lehi, Utah.  Here’s a who’s who of what happened with the product and leadership teams.


Divvee Social had Rank and Share as their main offering. Their app featured a tool that allowed people to complete simple tasks, like taking a few minutes a day to share their opinions and thoughts on some of the hottest new technologies and mobile apps just being released to the public, in exchange for points and commission.



Hodo Global had two tech products:  Tripspin as their main offering. A membership site with a corresponding app, Trispsin accessed the best travel pricing, beating the big name sites 85-95% of the time. Their second offering was Ryze.Ai, a Forex auto trading algorithm.  Quickly after releasing Ryze.Ai, Hodo realized the power of Ryze.Ai and shifted it’s direction, leading with the powerful auto trading tech.




With the merge, Nui’s initial offering is Ryze.Ai. Tripspin, the travel side, will no longer be offered.



Darren Olayan, the CEO of Nui, is the former CEO of Divvee Social. With a focus on family and culture, he’s setting the groundwork to enable the Nui team to empower millions of people.  His vision is to create a $500 per month income for at least one million people.



Lance Conrad, the President of Nui, is the former VP of Affiliates with Divvee Social. With a strong background in the industry and over 20 years of experience, he knows how to build teams and support business builders.



Rob Sperry is the Master Trainer of Nui. A top network marketer, he’s made millions of dollars and recruited thousands and thousands of people into businesses, in addition to teaching others how to do the same.



Henry Marsh, founder of MonaVie, is the Chairman of Nui. A four-time Olympian, he brings not only the right mindset of success but also his experience as the founder of a highly successful network marketing company.



Kinsey Lindgren, she was the Chief Operating Officer of the Krazy Coupon Lady, is the President of Business Development. Having worked with an uber-successful blog on how to find great deals, she’s a goldmine of knowledge on how to help people across the country increase their net worth.



Travis Bott brought Ryze.Ai, Nui’s flagship product, to the company. Travis has made multiple millions in the network marketing industry.  Previously, he was working with Ryze.Ai with Hodo Global.



Troy Muhlestein and Richard Smith, the founders of Divvee, will be working behind the scenes with Nui on the Rank and Share. Rank and Share, Divvee Social’s product, is currently being reworked and will be released under a new name, once it’s ready.



John Hammack and Jon Gillardi, the founders of Hodo Global, will be working behind the scenes transitioning the Hodo team over to Nui.

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