NUI -Divvee Social and Hodo Global Merge To Join Forces

On Friday July 28th 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah, a large group gathered in a big red Barn to merge two companies into one disruptive concept.  The announcement, Divvee Social and Hodo Global joining forces to form NUI, is an exciting merger within the MLM community.

The new company, NUI, is headed by Darren Olayan, Lance Conrad, and is a merger of Divvee Social and Hodo Global. Both Divvee and Hodo were around a year old and the merger brings a much more powerful concept to market.


Divvee Social was a technology based company using Rank and Share which allowed members to earn money by performing specific online activities (watching a video or downloading an app) and Hodo Global originated with travel deals and recently experienced success with Forex auto trading Ai (artificial intelligence).

The new company was previously called Newco until the official launch event. The new name, Nui, is a Hawaiian word meaning great, or greatness. The new company also seeks to incorporate other Hawaiian cultural traditions, like serving others. Their introductory video keyed in on four main concepts: Hope leads to Confidence which leads to Community which leads to Change.



Nui’s CEO combined with Divvee Social and Hodo Global leadership have a goal to change the MLM world. Darren Olayan spoke to the audience, sharing his vision of helping one million people make [at least] $500 a month.  The days of selling overpriced products with mystical ingredients are over. Thanks to smartphones, prospects are able to google and price compare during live belly-to-belly presentation. Transparency is key. Products have to be truly different for reps to have success.


Nui’s first product is Hodo Global’s Ryze.Ai technology. While past results don’t dictate future results, the people who’d invested so far in the room were seeing an average monthly return of 3%, which compounds. So, those few people in the room who’d been using the technology with Hodo mentioned a 4 month growth of 11 plus percent in returns.



To put that in perspective, savings accounts return 1% annually typically, which is slower than the rate of inflation, so leaving money in a savings account technically means losing money, said Travis Bott, onstage. Ryze.Ai uses an algorithm created by a French mathematician to do massive quantities of micro trades, using at the most only 30-35% of available funds, effectively protecting the bulk of the investment in the case of any major market event.

Technical information aside, Ryze.Ai means that any person on the globe can deposit their money (minimum $500, with no cap) and see growth. (Again, past performance does not guarantee future earnings.)

With the Nui merger of Divvee Social and Hodo Global it will combine tech products and will roll out other products and offerings, such as an updated and renamed version of Divvee’s Rank and Share program, over time.

On the first night of the launch, Nui opened a promo for the first three people who signed up three customers to win 55” Samsung tv’s. Three people accomplished it within a half an hour, though names were not released. Nui also mentioned fast start game bonuses and an August break the bank promotion, and Rob Sperry gave a comprehensive presentation on marketing via Facebook.

The compensation plan (at the time of launch) is a 3×10 forced matrix with a uni-gen overlay component and also includes pools.

The merger between Hodo Global and Divvee Social definitely has the makings of Nui to be the hot new kid on the MLM playground.

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