New Company Launches: Nu Skin Celebrates 500 Million Meals to Impoverished Children


In the latest new company launches, Nu Skin Enterprises announced they have supplied 500 million meals to needy children through their Nourish the Children program. The founders of Nu Skin Enterprises decided to start the program in 2002 so that children around the globe would not starve. Over 150,000 children in over 50 countries receive food every month due to their assistance. According to the World Food Program, malnourishment is the leading cause of death for 45% of children under the age of five. This means over three million children die every year because there isn’t enough food or their family can’t afford to buy it. The World Food Program also reports that almost 70 million children go to school hungry because there is not enough food in their house.




When customers and distributors purchase VitaMeal products, Nu SkinEntreprises donates an identical product to Nourish the Children. After the product arrives at the organization’s facility, representatives from Nourish the Children work with third-party nonprofits in different countries so it can reach hungry kids. Each nonprofit understands the inner workings of their local and federal government and the best way to distribute food and water to the people who need it.



VitaMeal was specially formulated by scientists so each serving has the right balance of nutritional content. The product is formulated with Vitamin A, electrolytes, essential fatty acids, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat. The ingredients can help children’s bones and skeletons continue to develop. It can also make their skin, muscles, and immune system healthier. The cost of each VitaMeal only covers a small profit margin and the amount of money used to manufacture and distribute the product. Each VitaMeal package contains 30 meals. This means when customers purchase VitaMeal from Nu Skin Enterprises it can feed one child a day for an entire month. Since the children are not able to eat properly at home, they can go to their school or government program and receive a free meal so they don’t have to go hungry throughout the day.



The best part about the Nourish the Children initiative is that the organization’s donations go farther than just a simple meal. It has a lasting impact on the children since they are more likely to live a healthier life when they grow up. Nu Skin Enterprises also structured the deal so that their manufacturing plants would empower people in Malawi and other developing countries to make VitaMeal. They believe this will help the other countries become less reliant on other countries.



In addition to assisting with the country’s food issues, some of the proceeds from each VitaMeal purchases are donated to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. The foundation focuses on giving Malawi farmers an extensive agricultural education so they will have more knowledge about how to grow crops and produce enough food. When local farmers can feed their local economy and decrease their chances of having food scarcity. Nu Skin Enterprises hopes that Nourish the Children and their other contributions will help aid the fight against childhood hunger around the globe.




Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson, and Steve Lund founded Nu Skin Enterprises in 1984. Roney, Lund, and Tillotson wanted to develop innovative, healthy products that also had a high level of quality. Their skin care, personal, supplements and other healthcare products help people live longer and more active lives. Instead of hiring individual sales representatives, the founders of Nu Skin Enterprises decided to create a business opportunity for other people who enjoy selling products. The direct selling supplement company is based in Provo, Utah. Thanks to their strategy, the company has expanded to sell its products in 54 markets and has over 1 million independent sales representatives. When the company decided to make a difference, they decided to help feed the children. Nu Skin Enterprises is happy to use their nonprofit provide children with a healthy meal every day.


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