New MLM Company Launch: CannaSense Total Wellness (Cannabis Products)


When people say there’s an MLM company for everyone’s interests, they’re telling the truth. There’s even a company called: CannaSenseTotal Wellness, specializing in selling medical cannabis products. Entrepreneurs who believe in the health benefits of cannabis and believe it should be legalized – have a great business option with this new MLM company.


Business Opportunity

CannaSense Total Wellness has a vision to “…attract, educate, and help patients who are in need of additional medical options.”CannaSense believes in the medical uses of cannabis and wants to help people get legal access to useful cannabis products. They’re also offering business minded people a way to make money through commissions and referrals.

The business opportunity is with their Member Program (there’s the free patient and caregiver programs as well). The member program costs a one time $420 (pun intended, likely) and includes: “…a welcome kit of your choice. In addition, there is a 30% discount on all items found in the apothecary.”

The membership also includes:

    • Commission for Sponsor Referrals
    • Commission for Patient Purchases
    • Coupons for Reviews
    • Patient ID Card

There’s a $25 monthly purchase minimum to qualify. The first step to becoming patient or member is to get a patient recommendation; CannaSense‘s website explains:

If you are choosing to become a Member or Patient we will guide you to receiving a doctor’s recommendation for medicinal cannabis. This recommendation if your first step to joining our collective and receiving medicinal cannabis.”

The cost to see the doctor for this recommendation is $69.99.


Member Program

This is the business opportunity within CannaSense, as they explain:

“This program is designed for a patient who would like to also build up a business income. We encourage members to sponsor their friends and family into the company to become either patients or members.”

Members will want to sponsor other members and build a nice customer base, in order to pay the yearly fee and monthly min. purchasing costs it takes to be a member. For those passionate about cannabis products, this shouldn’t be a problem; the 30% discount for resale and the commissions from direct and referrals sales – are how the money is made with CannaSense.



CannaSense‘s store is called the Apothecary, which has ten categories of products with a total of 30 different products. This includes the “flower” category, where either Sativa or Indica cannabis can be chosen; there are dozens of strains to choose from for each. The price for a 1 oz. bag is only $300 for members, $400 for patients.

There are also these cannabis products:

    • Concentrates
    • Edibles
    • Topicals
    • Vaporizers
    • Other Health Related Items
    • Special Products from Mary’s Medicinals


The welcome kit ($420) that members are required to purchase to become a member initially, contains nearly the equivalent amount of cannabis products. There are 5 different types of welcome kits to choose from, containing different arrangements of products. Members can choose the first one: 1 oz. medicine in a single strain, the 4th choice: 4 different strains of ¼ oz., or one of the other 3 choices (with a mixture of products besides only the flower).



CannaSense Total Wellness is a new MLM company offering a great business opportunity for people who believe in the medicinal value of cannabis. The compensation plan is simple, the products are priced and packaged well, and the startup costs are low, especially considering patients are getting nearly the equivalent amount of product, in addition to buying into a great business opportunity.

CannaSense foundations include cancer research, children needs, legal defense, hospital care, and veterans needs. This is a company with a vision and purpose:

“…to attract, educate, and help patients who are in need of additional medical options…We will also continue to educate, lobby, and vote to legalize medicinal cannabis for all adults while emphasizing that likely any other consumable product it too can be misused. In addition, we commit to providing education to the general population relative to the science behind medical cannabis.”

For the right business minded person who shares this vision, CannaSense is an attractive new MLM company they should investigate further. Building a strong network of patients and member referrals shouldn’t be too hard with such a desired product, and the ease of purchasing online with many products and strains to choose from is appealing too.

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