The Nerium Skin Care Company Launches New Offices in Australia and Japan

The Nerium Skin care Company Launches New Offices in Australia and Japan - Jeff olson

The Nerium company has launched a new international office in Australia and Japan. The multi-level marketing company sells skincare products backed by years of scientific research and development. Jeff Olson, the Founder, and CEO of Nerium, says the company will focus on developing new brand partners in Japan after they open an office and customer support call center in Tokyo. The company has already expanded to Mexico, Canada, and South Korea. Nerium also plans to enter China and Columbia by the end of 2016. Olson is excited about their entrance into Australia and Japan because their large market size is very promising for the direct sales industry and anti-aging skin care industry. He also states the Asia-Pacific region is responsible for about 45 percent of direct sales around the globe according to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. Last year, the company earned $516 million in annual sales. Nerium ranks number 23 among North America’s top 100 direct selling companies. It also earned the number 38 spot on the 2016 Direct Selling News Global 100 list. 

The Nerium Skin care Company Launches New Offices in Australia and Japan - Japan

Nerium is committed to developing skin care products that can slow down the signs of aging. They have spent years researching safe and effective skin care product formulas for the face, body, and mind at the best universities and biotechnology labs. Their exclusive and proprietary ingredients mean each product has many functional benefits. Nerium’s products can not only address the sign of aging but rewind it with ingredients that reverse the cell’s aging process by renewing the body’s cells. For example, their products for the brain are filled with EHT® molecules. The molecule was created by Dr. Jeffrey Stock, a Princeton University-educated scientist, after 20 years of intensive research. The patented EHT molecule is a mixture of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee. Nerium combined the molecule with other ingredients to develop a patented formula that can improve the brain’s memory and cognitive function. Their SIG-1191™ product has super antioxidant ingredients that can hydrate the skin and lessen the signs of aging around the eyes (or crow’s-feet). Another successful product of theirs is NAE-8®, a product made with a patented extract from Nerium oleander and aloe vera plants. Customers who buy NAE-8® can experience younger-looking skin due to the item’s powerful antioxidants and ability to boost the cell renewal process.

The Nerium Skin care Company Launches New Offices in Australia and Japan - boom

Nerium was founded in 2011 in Addison, Texas with only 13 employees. The skin care company originally only developed and sold the Nerium Age Defying Night Cream the first year they were in business. Their success came almost immediately in 2012 when they received the Bravo Award for growth from Direct Selling News. It was also ranked #86 in the Direct Selling News’ Global 100 list of relational marketing companies. Nerium also received $100 million in revenue and increased their staff to 100 employees that year. In 2013 the company added a second item, the Nerium Age Defying Day Cream, to their product line up. In addition to selling day and night creme, the company has expanded their product line to include an eye serum, firming body contour cream, and EHT® supplements. The company’s staff doubled in size to 200 employees, as did the revenue to $200 million in 2013. The senior management team at Nerium decided to go first go international and launch additional offices in Canada and Mexico in 2014. The skin care company achieved $400 million in revenue that year and increased their staff to 400 people. The company was also added to the Direct Selling News‘ $100 Million Dollar Growth Club due to its spectacular growth.   

The Nerium Skin care Company Launches New Offices in Australia and Japan -

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