MLM Legal News – Youngevity Distributor Speaks at Republican National Convention

MLM Legal News - Youngevity Distributor Speaks at Republican National Convention -

On Night 3 of the Republication National Convention, Michelle Van Etten gave a short speech supporting Donald Trump for president.

Van Etten’s claim to fame is her success as a distributor for Youngevity, the network marketing company founded by Dr. Joel D. Wallach.

MLM Legal News - Youngevity Distributor Speaks at Republican National Convention - dr. joel wallach

For unknown reasons, a convention staff member described her in the event’s press handouts as the employer of “over 100,000 people,” and the mainstream press enjoyed pointing out that is not a “small” business and, as a network marketing distributor, Van Etten is not the “employer” of anybody in her downline organization.

She just says she doesn’t know who wrote that description, and agrees in the New York Times it is inaccurate.

MLM Legal News - Youngevity Distributor Speaks at Republican National Convention - youngevity rep

Van Etten’s Speech

In her speech at the convention Van Etten describes how she started out as an entrepreneurial child, a dreamer. “I can’t wait. I want it now.” She organized her friends into a circus and making money by selling tickets to the parents. Attending her 20th high school reunion motivated her to join again become an entrepreneur. Her high school friends looked like Barbie and drove BMWs while she was 30 pounds overweight, a stay-at-home mother and drove a minivan. She decided she needed a change, and so she opened her own home-based business. “I began to dream again.”

She didn’t say much about her network marketing business, except she had to “level up” and “become the type of person she wanted in her business,” part of her network marketing training. She emphasized the results of her success. After two years she made enough money to allow her husband, a former employee at the Department of Defense, to quit his job and home-school their children. She did not want to subject them to Common Core. She did say she owned a small business that’s a fashion studio, MV House of Style.

If you want to go after a dream, you have to learn to “fail forward, and don’t ever quit.” Now she is living the American Dream.

She then transitioned from her personal story to relating it to politics. She wants the next generation, the Millenials who have an entrepreneurial spirit, to start their own businesses. But, she fears, eight more years of liberals in office will prevent them. “They are killing the American Dream.”

MLM Legal News - Youngevity Distributor Speaks at Republican National Convention - RNC

Michelle Van Etten’s Network Marketing Career

According to her Youngevity page, she tried other network marketing companies, but didn’t achieve success. At a convention for the Association for Professional Network Marketers, a presentation by Keith Hall convinced her to sign up with Youngevity. She practices the strategy of converting product users into business builders. She found customers who spoke to the friends and family about the great results they achieved on the company’s products, but didn’t realize the company would pay them “gratitude checks” for referring new customers.


Dr. Joel D. Wallach is a pioneer in the field of biomedical research. Although often described as a “veterinarian” in his early professional years, he worked a lot with zoos, primate centers and universities to study their animals in captivity and in the wild, including leading studies at the request of government agencies in Africa. He founded the Journal of Zoo Animal Medicine and wrote a textbook on exotic animal diseases that’s still in use. His studies turned up the adverse effects of mineral deficiencies.

That led him to become a naturopath in 1982. Convinced many people suffered from deficiencies in minerals, in 1997 he and Ma Lan founded American Longevity, now Youngevity. The cassette tapes of a talk Dr. Wallach gave, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie,” spread throughout the nutritional network marketing world. n 2011. Youngevity went public, and now trades over-the-counter.

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