MLM Legal News: Total Life Changes Acquires Ryte Inc.


MLM Legal News Total Life Changes Acquires Ryte Inc. - ryte products


Total Life Changes has acquired Ryte Inc. in the latest MLM legal news. The management team at Total Life Changes, which develops health and beauty products, believes the company’s portfolio of health and wellness products will benefit their company. Jack Fallon, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Total Life Changes, also says the deal will allow them to get access to Ryte Inc.’s database of customers and distributors. This is the first acquisition for the company, although a spokesperson acknowledged that they will continue to merge and acquire competing companies.


MLM Legal News Total Life Changes Acquires Ryte Inc. - ryte products


Riley Shaugaard, Dave Stewart, and Jeff Wilson founded Ryte Inc. in 2014. Their first products were dietary supplements, although the company soon expanded to include weight loss, sleep, relaxation products. Eventually the founders decided to close the business and sell Ryte’s assets to another company that shared similar values. They sold the company to Total Life Changes because they believed Fallon and the rest of their employees would accelerate the company’s growth.


MLM Legal News Total Life Changes Acquires Ryte Inc. - Jack Fallon

Fallon founded Total Life Changes in 1999. An experienced business man, he decided to form the company after leaving the Ford Motor Corporation. His previous knowledge allowed him to develop quality products. The first product Iaso® NutraBurst eventually led to other Iaso® products like Iaso® Tea. Now the company offers coffee products and items customers can use on their skin. Essential oils, garments, and other health products are also available for sale.


MLM Legal News Total Life Changes Acquires Ryte Inc. - products


The company’s headquarters is in Fair Haven, Michigan and there is an additional office in Salt Lake City. Although sales began to climb, Fallon decided the best way for the company to grow was to offer an amazing business opportunity by establishing the company as a multi-level marketing company. It would also encourage hardworking sales people to become financially free and build a better future for themselves and their loved ones. The company ultimately wants to work with people who want to use quality products and sell them to others across the globe.

MLM Legal News Total Life Changes Acquires Ryte Inc. - ribbons


Total Life Changes has branches in many countries. Besides offices in certain Asian countries and Europe, the company also decided to expand into Nigeria in May 2016. Currently the health company has branches in twelve different countries. One reason why the company is able to grow so fast is that it provides one of the most lucrative home-based business opportunities. As a result, many families have signed up to be independent distributors for Total Life Changes. The distributors receive a commission for every item they sell and receive discounts on the products. Many people appreciate the financial opportunity Total Life Changes offers, especially since it is up to their discretion to make money on a full-time or part-time basis. Luckily Total Life Changes has a superior customer support team and knowledgeable leadership team that can make the process even smoother for independent distributors.


MLM Legal News Total Life Changes Acquires Ryte Inc - skin products


Since its inception in 1999, Total Life Changes has continued to share its vision, mission, and values as it establishes offices around the world. The company’s effective products are growing more popular since customers can also start a successful home-based business. As a result, the sales revenue of Total Life Changes continues to grow. For example, its first quarter sales for 2016 have more than doubled in comparison to its previous revenue in 2015. The sales of Total Life Changes products have risen by 300 percent in many countries. North American sales have also increased to almost $77 million in 2015, which is more than double the amount the company earned a year ago during the first quarter.

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