MLM Legal News: Pure Haven Essentials Receives USDA Organic Certification

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Pure Haven Essentials has applied for and received certification by the United States Drug Administration National Organic Program in the most recent MLM Legal News. This means the company will be able to display their compliance with the government’s rules on their product’s packaging so consumers can make an educated decision before they buy Pure Haven Essential products. Pure Haven Essential’s leaders believe that it is very important for consumers to carefully consider what they put on their body and only use materials that are organic so it won’t have a negative impact on their health.

Pure Haven Essentials is based in Rhode Island and was founded by Global Ventures Partners. The men and women who comprise Global Ventures Partners (Steve Kole, Rudy Revak, Bruce Jensen, and Mary Julich) also worked together in the direct selling company Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. Due to their extensive experience in the multi-level marketing industry, they decided to team up and work on another company. Unfortunately Ava Anderson Non-Toxic closed earlier this year in February due to issues with their suppliers, but Global Ventures Partners is confident they can carry on the company’s mission with Pure Haven Essentials. Just like Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, Pure Haven Essentials aims to teach consumers about the toxic chemicals that are inside countless skin care and beauty products.


Pure Haven Essential’s mission is to produce safe, effective and reasonably priced goods. Currently, they manufacture over 80 different home cleaning products, cosmetics, and other personal care items. Their products do not contain harmful chemicals that are known carcinogens or can disrupt the endocrine system. That’s why it was such an advantage that their manufacturing facility was certified through the United States Drug Administration National Organic Program. To receive the government’s approval, the CEO of Pure Haven Essentials Joe Ochoa said they had to comply with rigorous standards. For example, the company’s formulation and sourcing process was inspected and had to pass several tests. The company’s quality control, production, and cleaning procedures also had to qualify. Overall, the United States Drug Administration’s certification meant the company was under intense inspection. Pure Haven Essentials also applied to be a member of the Direct Selling Association and is waiting for their application to be approved.


Recently, the direct selling company had to bring all of their production in-house under their Quality Control Department. Some of their suppliers had not complied with Pure Haven Essential’s agreements and added extra ingredients to the formulas of their products. Since the ingredients were banned by the company, they decided to take full control of the production process. The company’s new certification by the United States Drug Administration National Organic Program involved a very strict audit by the government.


The company has created many ways for people to get involved with Pure Haven Essentials. People can either be a customer and use their products themselves or host a party so they can sell items to their friends and family. Another option is for them to become an independent distributor and sell Pure Haven Essentials products full or part-time. Men and women who are passionate about providing safe and effective products are usually inspired to join the company. Today, there are thousands of independent consultants who sell Pure Haven Essentials products. Many of them spread the word about the company because they believe in educating consumers about safe and non-toxic products.

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