MLM Legal News: Origami Owl Acquires Skincare Company Willa


Origami Owl has acquired Willa in the latest MLM legal news. Willa is a New York skin care company that sells products to young adults and teenagers. The leaders of Origami Owl bought the company to grow their own portfolio of brands. The CEO of Willa, Annette McEvoy, will still lead the business. She believes the partnership will benefit both companies since they have similar values and were both founded by mothers and their daughters. McEvoy also thinks the acquisition will expose Willa to a larger customer base.



Origami Owl currently operates in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The company was founded by a teenager named Isabella Weems and her mother Christian “Chrissy” Weems in 2010. Isabella originally started Origami Owl to save up enough money to buy her first car when she turned 16 years old. Their mission is to create products that will allow people to be clean, confident, and beautiful. One of Origami Owl’s most popular items is the Living Locket. The jewelry piece allows customers to forever cherish their memories by placing jewelry, gems, and other charms inside a clear glass pendant. The Living Locket is the perfect answer for people who want to make a heart-warming gift for a special event or capture a loving memory.

Customers can also buy essential oil blends to place inside their necklace or accessories. The company’s jewelry line became an overnight success. Customers loved that they could customize the products and immediately started to refer the business to their friends. Once the business outgrew her home and their kiosk at the local mall, Isabella decided to make the company grow at a faster pace by introducing a direct selling business model. Today over 60,000 independent sales consultants work for the company and it is number 60 on the Direct Selling Global 100 list. Normally people who enjoy selling and hosting parties are attracted to the company. After they buy some products from the company, they can begin selling them to their friends, family, and other loved ones with in-home parties.



Willa Doss founded Willa in 2010 when she was nine years old with her mother. The mother was diagnosed with skin cancer shortly after Willa was born due to intense sun exposure. As a result, she started to realize how important it was to protect the skin. She decided to join her daughter in her quest to make healthy products that were also good for the skin. Chemists and make-up artists worked together to create the ingredients in their products. The Willa brand is dedicated to consistently working on their formulas and improving them when they can.


Willa also wanted to start a beauty and skin care company to help other young girls earn money. Teenagers as young as thirteen years old and their parents are encouraged to sign up and sell the products. The owners of the company believe their business model is the perfect opportunity for children or teenagers to learn more about becoming financially responsible and how to run their own small business. Willa states they are the first company to offer direct-selling skin care products for teens, by teens. Willa originally sold their products online but decided to convert their sales model into multi-level marketing sales in 2014. Although the company does sell some of their skin care products in Target and other big box stores. This company acquisition comes right after Origami Owl’s announcement in August that they had signed a licensing deal with Dreamworks to sell charms, lockets, and other products featuring characters from the movie Trolls.

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