The staple of any sales job is a turnover or three-way call. In an office setting, you have someone else come over and close the deal. On the phone, you bring on someone else to close the deal.

Turning over a prospect to another person to close is helpful because it provides third-party validation. If another person also vouches for the product and service, it feels more legitimate and strengthens the first person’s message.

Turning over a prospect to another person on the phone can also be super awkward if done incorrectly.

That said, here are three ways to crush your next three-way call. 

 1. Get a Yes.

When you’re on the phone with your prospect, wait for the opportune moment. Perhaps they’ve said they really like something specific. Perhaps they’ve asked a great question you don’t have the answer for.

This is where you steal the improv rule of “yes and,” and agree, and set up the call.

“That’s a great question! We should get Andy on the phone. She’s super fun, makes great money with the company, and is total helpful. She explained this once before to me, and I’m sure she’ll be glad to do it again. She’s a busy person, but I’ll check if she’s available and we can both hear the answer. Give me a second and I’ll try her. You stay on the line. This’ll be fun.”

2. Edify, Ask, Mute.

Once you have your other person on the call, and you’ve merged the two calls, take a moment to edify your expert.

Essentially, you’re explaining why they’re awesome and why your prospect should listen to them.

If in doubt, remember the four F’s: Fun, Facts, Finances, Fhelp. Okay, help doesn’t start with an F, but it’s catchier. If you look at the intro above, you’ll see that all four F’s are used in the section. We’ve mentioned Andy is fun, that she answered the question before, that she’s helpful, and that she makes great money with the company. 

Another way to edify is just to tell a story about the person. “Ed quit his job to work this company full time when he earned the free car and $3000 in bonuses his first month. He’s been very inspirational for me and I’m excited to have him on the phone.”

Once you’ve edified your expert, ask them a question, then mute yourself. “Ed, Jane and I have been talking. She watched a 3 minute video and had a really great compensation plan question that you could answer way better than I can.”

Then mute yourself.


3. Do’s and Dont’s.

There are a few ways to ruin your three-way call setup. Make sure your call is a success by following these tips.

  • Don’t ask, “Do you have any questions?”
  • Do ask, “What did you like best?”
  • Don’t ask, “Would you like to do a 3-way call?”
  • Do make it sound fun and use the phrase, “Let’s see if we can get my friend on the phone.”
  • Don’t talk once you have your third person on the phone.
  • Do mute yourself and trust that your third person is an expert and has a plan to crush the call.
  • Don’t talk more once your expert is done.
  • Do close the loop “That was so helpful, Andy! Jane, stay on the phone and I’ll get your email address to send you the video.”
  • Do exit the call ASAP. “Perfect, we’ll reconnect on Tuesday. Talk then!”

Mastering the three-way call is a strong way to duplicate your business. Share this with your team and duplicate yourself to a lasting income.

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How to Master the Three Way Call


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