The Mannatech Company Launches New Storefront Design in Rebranding Efforts


The Mannatech Inc. company launched a new retail storefront at its headquarters in Coppell, Texas. The leaders at Mannatech believe the new design will give customers a new type of experience with their brand’s extended product line. Now they can taste Mannatech‘s shakes and smoothies, try on their clothes, and other products. The independent associates who live in the area can go there to work on their business and use the products for demonstrations with their customers. Mike Crouch, the company’s Director of Communications, believes the additional features will give their customers a better experience. The upgraded retail store comes on the heels of their recent brand redesign earlier this year.



Last year Mannatech‘s CEO, Al Bala, decided to change the company’s image. Since joining the company in 2007, Bala has focused on growing the nutritional enterprise. During last year’s MannaFest, their annual event, he revealed that the company would be going in a different direction. He proposed that Mannatech would rebrand everything from their products to the independent contractor’s compensation plan. Bala told the employees that the company’s leaders decided to revamp everything because they wanted Mannatech to be more competitive and modern.

Mannatech was founded 21 years ago in 1993 by Samuel Caster. The multi-level marketing firm is famous for developing and selling glyconutrients, or plant-based products. The headquarters is in Coppell, Texas but they operate all over the world, including Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Over a quarter of a million independent contractors sell Mannatech products.



Since the company is older, Bala and the others wanted to reevaluate what the company stands for today and reconfigure their brand. He recognizes that many things have changed in the health and wellness industry. Ultimately the leadership team wanted to make sure Mannatech stayed relevant in the 21st century. Now Bala believes their brand will appeal to millennials. He wanted to show others how the direct selling company can provide value while also demonstrate the efficacy of their products.



Another change from their new brand is their partnership with Mission 5 Million, a charity that feeds impoverished children around the world. Mannatech chose that specific charity because they wanted to make a difference in the world. So far they have donated over one million dollars to support the non-profit organization. Mannatech‘s independent distributors can help give to the social entrepreneurship program with every sale.

The company’s rebranding efforts also focused on creating a more efficient back office with superior administrative support. Since the world is mobile and everything is connected to the internet, Mannatech‘s leaders knew that creating a world-class support team and technological tools would really help their independent distributors.

Mannatech also changed their product packaging to convey a more clean and modern look. Since their products are worldwide, they want to make it suitable for customers around the globe. The company will also launch new products in the future that will help customers lose weight and cleanse their body.

Lastly, Bala and Mannatech‘s executives developed a three-point plan to help restructure the company. Although they want the company to be profitable, they also want their large team of independent sales distributors to have the tools they need for personal development. With their refined focus on building up a large, competent team of salespeople, Bala and the others are confident they can help the company develop leaders. Their redesigned compensation plan will also reward the independent sales distributors based on their hard work, sales volume, and ability to encourage other people to become leaders in the organization.

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