LegalShield Company Launches App and Other New Tech Products

LegalShield Company Launches App and Other New Tech ProductsLegalShield recently announced their company’s new product launches at Elevate, their 20th annual legal provider conference. The business plans to introduce seven services and products throughout the year. The new offerings are designed to move the company into the twenty-first century by helping members who work in our country’s emerging “sharing economy”.

LegalShield provides tailor-made legal services for over 1 million people, families, and small businesses in the United States and Canada. Since each state has a dedicated law firm that is available to work with resident LegalShield members, there are thousands of participating lawyers in their network. In exchange for a low prepaid monthly fee, members can get access to quality legal help without having to worry about paying their lawyer an expensive retainer or hourly fee. Trial defense, document reviews, and legal counsel are just some of the services members can receive from their LegalShield membership. The company also wants to make sure every client receives the best service possible. To monitor this, LegalShield allows clients to rate their experience after every interaction with their legal counsel using their trusted Net Promoter Score system. 

LegalShield Company Launches App and Other New Tech Products - Legal Shield

The company plans to release their official LegalShield App in June. Members will be able to use their mobile device to look up legal information and contact their lawyer. Users can also use the app to update their contact information, receive exclusive discounts, and get other great perks. The new LegalShield app will also include Snap by LegalShield, which allows members to take a picture of their traffic ticket and send it to their legal representative so they can resolve the issue.

LegalShield Company Launches App and Other New Tech Products - Simply Legal

Shake by LegalShield will launch in July. Shake is a mobile application company that was recently purchased by LegalShield in April of 2015. The company is known for its stunning, innovative design and providing a great user experience. Their advanced technology allows users to create, sign, and send legally binding agreements. Members can use the app on any device, including the web, iOS, and Android. 

Future business owners will soon be able to enjoy Launch by LegalShield. The service, which arrives in August, takes the confusion out of starting a new business. Entrepreneurs can use the app to find state-specific government forms and legal support to help make the startup process easier. 

An updated version of Ask by LegalShield should be available in September. The app provides free answers to hundreds of commonly asked questions. Users will be able to easily find answers to their legal questions at any time of the day.

LegalShield Company Launches App and Other New Tech Products - Get Started

The company also plans to unveil a service specifically tailored for “gig economy” drivers during the month of October. This is the perfect solution for members who drive for Uber or Lyft and use their personal vehicle to generate income. Drivers will receive coverage for moving traffic violations and have access to legal consultation.

LegalShield Company Launches App and Other New Tech Products - LegalShield

Lastly, Enhance by LegalShield will launch in November. The product will offer different resources for law firms and lawyers. They will also be able to enjoy convenient educational tools and view their ratings, or Net Promoter Scores, from clients.

LegalShield’s upcoming products and enhancements will make it easier for millions of members to understand their legal rights. Their tools will give users quick and easy access to the legal services they need.  

For more information about LegalShield, please contact us today. You can also visit their official website to learn more about their upcoming product and service offerings. Here at Network Marketing Labs, we are proud to offer the latest news about multi-level marketing, direct selling, and network marketing so you can have the latest industry insights. 




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