Money is not the most important thing in the world, but love is. However, we all love money. Most of the times, the money we earn is never enough. So, we end up looking for side hustles that can help in making extra money. In search of part-time businesses, network marketing will never go unmentioned. In this business module, an independent agent will serve as a distributor of goods and services. You will be encouraged to build your own sales force through recruiting and training other agents. In this business, you will earn commission from your sells and those of your agents. However, many people never make it in this business. Out of ten people, the only one makes it. So, how do people fail in network marketing? Here is how to fail at network marketing.



Lack of commitment

Having invested some money through joining network marketing, you have to understand that the entry fee is just the initial investment. To make more money in network marketing, you have to give more than just money. To fail in network marketing, don’t make time to attend to this business. For such a business to grow fully, full attention from the owner is always needed.

Having urge of making money immediately

This is one of the ways many people fail in network marketing. Most people join network marketing with the aim of making money immediately. Setting your brain purely on monetary gains will automatically ad you to failure. In network marketing, you will only succeed after helping others out. A team should be set first before thinking of money.

Lack of excitement

Motivation is one of the keys to success in network marketing. As a network marketer, you have to be always excited about your goals. You need to remember why you joined the business and always motivated your agents to work harder. When lack enthusiasm and excitement to work as a marketer, you will be leading on the failure road.

Failing to write down goals

Failure to write down goals means you will easily forget them. When joining network marketing, you must have a goal. With the various distractions in life, forgetting your goals would be easy. You, therefore, need to have a dream board strategically placed where you can see them daily and remember the goals of marketing.

Distributor not talking to people

Failing to talk to people who are being recruited or targeted to a product is one of the ways to fail in network marketing. Most distributors build facades of business and never engage conversations and contacts. One who talks about recruitment but remains silent when it comes to recruiting will never make it in network marketing.

Talking to wrong people

Most distributors end up wasting huge amounts of time through talking to and recruiting wrong people. The right people are those who are interested and light up the moment you introduce to them about network marketing.  If you a hire a person who complains after three days of recruitment, then you will be destined to fail.   


Having the salesman syndrome

If you are a network marketer with a salesman syndrome, then you might end up failing. A salesman is up to sell a product and earns some commission before going to the next product. A network marketer who sells and doesn’t focus on signing more agents will end up failing. A network marketer should always duplicate himself whereby you have to both sell and recruit more agents. A customer who can buy your product can also be interested in selling them. So, you have to try and bring them on board.

The fact that very few network marketers fail in network marketing should not discourage you at all. Always avoid the above pitfalls, and you will never regret investing in network marketing.

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How to fail at Network Marketing


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