Eric Worre’s Response to Gary Vaynerchuk’s Negative Comments on Network Marketing

In September the famous Internet marketer and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk unpleasantly surprised network marketers by making negative comments about the industry during a livestream Q and A.

Vaynerchuk said the data showed that, while a few people made a lot of money, the large majority did not. According to Vaynerchuk it’s not a sustainable business model to just tell people to sign up other people to do all the work so you can spend the rest of your life on the beach.

In this recent video, network marketing expert Eric Worre responds to Vaynerchuk‘s comments.

Worre says he and Vaynerchuk are friends. They have shared the stage. In 2011 he interviewed Vaynerchuk for his Network Marketing Pro podcast. Worre says a lot of people inside the network marketing community love Vaynerchuk and his advice. They appreciate how muchVaynerchuk does to promote entrepreneurship, and how much information he shares to help all small business owners succeed.

Worre says that, based on Vaynerchuk‘s coaching of entrepreneurs, if he understood the industry he would be network marketing’s biggest fan.

Not Everybody is Built for Success

Worre opens his argument by focusing on Vaynerchuk‘s point about how most people in network marketing don’t make money. Worrepoints out that’s true of every profession. 90% of people who get a real estate license never sell a house.

You Can’t Just Sign Up a Superstar and Coast for Life

Network marketing compensation plans do not enable people to profit indefinitely off recruiting a superstar. Most of the industry’s top earners make more than their uplines. There is no “first mover,” or “top of the pyramid” advantage. The legitimate companies reward you for building a network, not for kicking a snowball down the mountain.

To the extent some network marketers promote this view of the industry, Worre says the industry needs to clean itself up. It’s not for the get-rich-quick crowd, although some of them do operate inside it.

Learning to Become an Entrepreneur

According to Worre, Vaynerchuk believes that entrepreneurs are born, not made. Worre disagrees. Network marketing is a school for entrepreneurs.

The Reality of Residual Income

As an experienced expert in network marketing, he knows a lot of people who make over $1 million a year. They work “their faces off.” Yes, they receive residual income. They could go to the beach, but they don’t. They’re passionate about their businesses and their distributors and the products they promote.

The Biggest Fan of Network Marketing on Earth?

That’s what Worre believes Vaynerchuk would be if he understood the model and the industry. They are entrepreneurs, and Vaynerchuk is in love with entrepreneurs. They are working hard every day to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Network marketing allows them to get started with little risk, under $1,000. The average small business owner in the United States has to put up $65,000.

Not all network marketers remain in the industry. Some use their educations in small business to start and succeed in other kinds of businesses.

Educational, Said With Love and Respect

Worre finishes the video response by saying he just wants to respond in an educational way for Vaynerchuk and everybody else who still believes the old stereotypes about network marketing.

He again points out that the network marketing community loves Vaynerchuk. They love the entrepreneur in him. They love his drive.

Network marketing is the way for anyone to get started as an entrepreneur, to change their life and to help other people do the same.

Vaynerchuk is famous in Internet marketing and social media for growing his father’s discount liquor store into a huge online wine business, including posting daily videos about wine. Since then, Vaynerchuk has written four highly acclaimed books on how to build successful businesses online.

Eric Worre began as a network marketing activist in 1988. He’s been a top distributor, consultant, author, speaker, marketing director, documentary film maker, president, company founder and trainer. The next Go Pro Recruiting Mastery live event, taking place in December 2016, already has over 17,000 pre-registrants.

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