Easy MLM Recruiting: 3 Things No One is Telling You


When it comes to building a business, companies go one of two ways. Some companies provide a very clear system or guide for success. Others provide no system. Both have different advantages and disadvantages.

Following the System for Success

If your company provides a system for building your business, it can be a disservice. Why is this?

If you follow the plan to perfection, you may be simply copycatting what works for other people. A generic system may not work for everyone. Following a system may block creativity and uniqueness, making it harder to find the people who want to work with you. Systems are great for beginners in some regards; they give a simple set of steps to follow. However, following a simple set of steps will not give you the momentum you need to reach the high ranks in any company.

Building a Business without a System

When the company you work with doesn’t have a clear system, that can be challenging for the new person. Someone brand new to the industry needs a set of steps to follow for success. Advanced network marketers or internet marketers can take a company without a system and run with it. 

The ideal situation is to be the kind of person who can rock a business with or without a system, but no one teaches how to become that person. …Until now.

Here are the three things you must do to rock ANY business, whether or not they provide a system.


1. Learn to Market


Most people promote personal development as the major key to business success. While that’s important, it’s not the most important thing. The most important thing you can learn to build your business is marketing. 

Learning marketing will give you an unfair advantage when it comes to recruiting in network marketing. Think about it. The people having success do something that works, then everyone copies them. Eventually, it becomes a system. What if you were the one leading the pack? That’s what marketing knowledge can do for you.

Pick one area of marketing and learn it to mastery, then pick another. Great areas to start are social media marketing (pick one specific platform, like Facebook ads), copywriting, or list building. Start with one and work on it until you are excellent at it. Teach your downline, and grow a massive network marketing business.


2. Establish Relationships

There’s a saying that says, “People will not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This is true for building a business. People will give their money to people they know, like, and trust.

One great way for people to get to know, like, and trust you are by your social media posts. Social media is a great way to share things about yourself for others to see. Even if people aren’t clicking “like,” they’re watching what you post and deciding whether or not they want to work with you.

Whether you connect with people you know via phone, Facebook Lives, messenger, email, social media, or smoke signal, let people know you care.

3. Have Fun

Nearly everyone joins the industry because they want to make more money. The key is not letting that drive to make money take all the fun out of what you’re doing.

Having your own business can be really fun. The time freedom that comes from residual income is really, REALLY fun. 

We attract what we are, so let’s all commit to having fun along the way.

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