Every marketer aspires to acquire clients, engage with them and even retain them to help the business thrive. There are various ways of meeting new prospects in any business. One can meet them on internet, conferences and even market strategy meetings. During such engagements, one of the trends that can be mentioned is email marketing. So, what is email marketing? Well, this is a strategy of sending a business message or content to a group of people using email. They are emails sent to prospects or current customers or other stakeholders to promote products and services. The emails are used to promote and develop relationships with potential clients. The email can be personalized to target a group of individuals and customers where one can customize special deals regarding the client’s profile to maintain a healthy relationship. To acquire skills regarding email marketing, various books can help you.


Here are some of the best books on email marketing:




  • Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie

Ian is an experienced author who has written over 25 successful books. The book is full of positive reviews on the internet. In fact, it is a must-have book since it’s among the top email marketing books. The book offers the reader with the tips of measuring insights of customers to know what they want and how to convince them. The book gives readers techniques of converting subscribers and prospects into clients and effective ways of creating familiarity with your brand among other tips.



  • Email Marketing Rules by Jay Baer and Chad White

This is among the best books that can create a bright road for email marketers. The authors have laid down their guidelines so well to make the book stand out from the other email marketing books. The book features guidelines for email marketing campaign, ways of addressing customers concerns, and the right means of sending out commercial emails. The book also offers a deep understanding of the campaigns and needs of the potential clients.



  • Email Marketing Machine by Argena Olivis

The author of this book is an entrepreneur who loves to inspire other entrepreneurs with tips of successful internet marketing. In this book, she teaches the readers ways of building relations and building a huge following on your website. The book emphasizes the importance of an email list and having an active and responsive email address so as increase traffic. The book teaches the readers digitalized ways of running a successful business through email marketing. Also, the book also offers its readers a chance of establishing an online presence on social media platforms.



  • Email Marketing Blueprint by Steve Scott

The book has been written to offer strategies to internet entrepreneurs. The writer insists that email lists can end up being beneficial or flaw in your business depending on how you build up the list. The book gives various tactics of collecting emails and partitioning them according to your subscribers. Email marketing will always promote the growth of the business, and this book will teach you how to build up an email list that will help you in promoting the business.



  • Email Marketing Demystified by Mathew Paulson

This is one of the most recommended books for beginners in email marketing. The book teaches basics of email marketing and guides beginners in establishing a foundation of email marketing campaigns. The book is based on the personal experience of the author hence acts as an encouragement to the beginning email marketers.

There are uncountable email marketing books out there, and all you need is to purchase one to kick-start your email marketing campaign. Such books will always offer strategies and formula to boost sales, create a relationship with clients and create brand awareness.


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Best Books on Email Marketing


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