Would you like a shortcut to becoming a rockstar on Periscope?

I’m always looking at the next person to watch on social media. I like to see who is building their business, growing their brand, and truly making an impact online.

In today’s video, I’m talking to Jessica Winnett, who is becoming a major inspiration on Periscope. Jess has gone from 300 followers to 1,000 followers on Periscope in only six weeks! This video about her experience and how she got started has incredibly valuable information for people who want to start their own online brand!

As a mother of three kids under the age of four, the concept of growing a business through social media has always been appealing to Jessica. She was introduced to me and my social media brand about 6-7 months ago, and took my 30 videos in 30 days challenge!

Although she was nervous, and even says she “bombed” in the beginning, she kept on going. She says “It’s really just doing it in spite of the fear”.

How to Become a Rockstar on Periscope in 6 weeks with Jess Winnett

Jessica thought she spent quite a bit of time on Periscope, but when the New Year started she set a goal to be on Periscope Monday through Friday of each week without fail. This was part of her branding strategy to help her figure out who she was going to be on Periscope.

I am always saying here on my blog and in my Branding and Social Media programs, you need to be yourself and be authentic to attract people to you.

Jess wanted to bring all of who she was offline onto Periscope. It wasn’t easy, and as she states “I struggled with really being my true self”. But, as she soon realized “If you try to market to everybody, you’ll market to nobody”.

Once she found her niche, she realized that she was really loving showing people how to use Periscope, and teaching businesses how to leverage periscope to grow their business. She was bringing in a certain group of people, who were attracted to her real self, and her audience was even giving her ideas for content that she already knew about and was able to teach. She was bringing in the right people for her brand.


So, how else did Jessica grow so quickly? According to her “I got the attention of the industry leaders in my niche in the right way”. She became a “star student” applying and implementing the tools she learned from people she admired. That got her ready to ask for interviews, or to feature those people on her channel.

“It blessed me to be able to open that content up to my followers”. If you can bring value to other industry leaders and successful people by serving them, learning from them, and being appreciative, then that allows leaders to lend their credibility to you.

You can build your own brand just like Jessica did, but the most important piece of advice that she has is to be consistent!

She says “. . .It’s a really busy world we live in with social media, and so oftentimes if you’re not in front of them [viewers] a lot, they have a lot of other things vying for their attention.

About Jessica Winnett:

Jess Winnett Family Pic

Jess Winnett is a wife, mama-preneur to 3 kids under 4, obsessed with online business.

Prior to jumping on Periscope, she was tired and worn out, growing her business offline, belly to belly. She had no previous following before Periscope, but now has found her voice and built her brand entirely through Periscope. She now coaches other businesses how to do the same, by finding their authentic voice, their tribe, and making an impact.

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Additional Resources to Help You Create Awesome Videos:

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  • Resources – I often get asked what tools I use and recommend, so I decided to put together one page with all my favorite resources. Enjoy!

Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also comment below on your favorite tip or your biggest takeaway. I can’t wait to see your comments!

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How to Become a Rockstar on Periscope in 6 weeks


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