To jump ranks in network marketing, you have to jump levels in your own personal development. To become a leader, you have to be a leader.

Leadership doesn’t come as a result of a rank advancement. It’s the reverse. Rank advancements come as a result of your leadership abilities.

How to Be a Better Leader

Here are four quick and easy methods to adopt in your life. Incorporating these tips will immediately increase your leadership ability, your influence, and help grow your business.

1. Respond, Don’t React

Life happens. There’s the saying that life is not about what happens to you but instead how you handle what life throws you. That’s on a grand scale- how you handle things like flat tires in your car, major illnesses, disappointments and so on.

But what about the little things?

What do you do when someone offends you? What do you do when someone posts a comment you don’t like? What do you do when someone does something dishonest or just plain rude?

Do you react? Or do you respond?

There’s a big difference between the two. Reactions have no control. They just happen. Leaders don’t react. They absorb what’s happened and take a moment to respond in a way that’s best for the long term.

Reactions aren’t about the long term. They’re short term. Leaders play the long game, so they take each moment and respond to the best of their ability in the way that is best for the end goal, whatever that may be.


2. Watch Your Words

Whether in person or online, people are watching what you say and what you say when you talk about it. Are you sharing the good in your life? Are you sharing in a way that benefits others?

Your stories can motivate and inspire others. Or they can repel. …And you’re guaranteed that everything you say is doing one thing or the other.


3. Live By Example

Want to work with dynamos? Be one yourself. Are you being the person with whom you’d like to work?

The best way to attract quality people to your team is to be one. Would you want to work with yourself? What can you do to be more like the people you aspire toward being?

Add new habits to your life. Take new classes, like public speaking or etiquette, to learn new social skills. As a benefit, you’ll also meet people interested in becoming the best version of themselves.

 4. Develop Yourself

What you need to work on is probably different from what the next person needs to work on. Focusing on developing your strengths is what will set you apart in your leadership abilities.

Do a quick search on Amazon for the best personal development books and you’ll find a massive list. They’re broken down by category, so you can find the specific niche that appeals to you.

Find the book that appeals to you, not the one you feel you need to read. The book that appeals to you is usually the one you most need right now.

Select what you read based on what you personally need and what interests you. Reading material you find interesting will make you more interesting and more attractive as a person and a leader. Make it fun for yourself and it’ll be a hobby, not a chore.

Whether your goal is personal or professional, growing yourself as a leader will benefit you in all areas of your life.


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4 Ways to Be a Better Leader


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