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3 Effective Online Marketing Strategies for MLM Businesses


MLM or direct selling involves networking with: friends, family, associates, and a targeted audience, in order to find referrals and/or customers interested in the products selling. Just like in any other business, the quality of the products and the overall marketing strategy, are the main reasons for a rewarding business. In an effort to help, let’s discuss 3 effective online marketing strategies for MLM businesses.


    • Joining Forums
    • Custom Social Community
    • Weekly Email Newsletter


#1: Joining Related Forums

The main focus is to find people who are more likely to be interested in a product or service, so joining a few related forums is a good move. Some forums are massively popular while others have a smaller, yet loyal, following; either way, forums offer a great vertical-specific crowd to market to.

When joining a forum, there’s usually a period of testing time until the site will allow users to create a signature under their posts. This signature is the main marketing tool, which would be seen under every post written on the forum. Also, interested users can search other members’ profiles, and participation in related discussions helps owners perk the interest of forum members. Forums offer marketers a free and effective online method to generate leads for referrals and customers.


#2: Custom Social Community

Imagine having a fully functional, quality, custom social community embedded into the business’s website! This is a great (and affordable) way to generate leads, train recent sign-ups, and empower established members. Innovative software services are developing amazing custom social networks (like Social Engine), in order for businesses and organizations to create brand loyalty and attract attention to their websites.


#3: Weekly Email Newsletter

MLM companies will, generally, tell sign-ups to think of 100 people to network, in efforts to gain referrals and customers for products. After a website has been set-up and the sales funnel is optimized, then owners can develop a weekly email newsletter with highlighted “products of the week”. The weekly specials highlighted could be highly discounted, in order to attract customers to the website and pitch them the business idea.

There are online services to help create a quality newsletter, which can include: rewarding testimonies, news, developments, deals, how-to videos, informative articles, and links to helpful resources. Ultimately, this is a way for MLM business owners to keep in touch with their downline, draw customers into the sales funnel, and entice prospective sign-ups to inquire into the business opportunity with a call-to-action.



Quality MLM companies are great opportunities for entrepreneurs who understand it’s a business that needs to be marketed. Some people are naturally better than others when it comes to marketing skills, yet, owners willing to put the work in will get positive results — regardless of their innate marketing talent.

The marketing frontier is online, where businesses can reach a larger target audience than in their local communities. Traditional marketing efforts, such as home product review parties, conferences, meetings, fliers, snail mail, etc – are still effective and should be used, yet online is where the most potential is for marketing in today’s technologically advanced world.

Really, what’s not to like about making compounded residual income passively for years to come? Every business opportunity has risk involved, but this can be reduced significantly with focused efforts in marketing, especially with MLM businesses.

Indeed, quality direct selling businesses offer a low-cost opportunity to people willing to market the products and business; owners most effective at finding referrals and customers, are the ones enjoying rewarding careers with significant, life-changing, passive incomes. The 3 online marketing tips we’ve discussed are sure to help owners build their own rewarding passive incomes.

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