We all feel nervous or even fearful of the idea of being a leader. When you do well in network marketing, you will automatically move up the chain and become a sponsor one day. So the question is, how do you become the best leader in your business? One of the ways to become a leader is through learning. Learning can be enhanced through reading. Reading itself is a critical skill especially for people aspiring to be leaders. Books are vital if you want to become a better and more informed leader. Books will help in developing your skills while they also help readers to discover themselves. Here is a sample of the best leadership books the will shape your skills.


Leadership Books

Leadership is something that has to be nature.  A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. As a great leader, you are not set out to only lead but to also make a difference. Here is a list of books that will mold you to be that leader.


  • Getting Things Done by David Allen



This book educates its readers on the various arts such as basics of time management both at work and home. The main idea behind this great book from the renowned author is to enable the readers to come up with an organized system of what to do and what not to do daily. This will help in freeing up mental space hence enabling the reader to focus on the placed goals and ambitions instead of abandoning them.


  • Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton



This is a 1981 bestselling book whose second edition was released in 1991. The book offers skills and techniques for tackling both personal and professional conflicts. The book guides its readers through equipping them with ways of separating themselves from problems and enable them to focus on goals, interests, and ambitions instead of leading.


  • Getting More by Stuart Diamond



This great book focuses on negotiations as a tool for understanding and valuing emotions and perceptions of partners. Your team can benefit from this book through its standards of making them reach quick resolutions through the negotiating skills offered. The book is full of strategies and real-life examples of how the strategies have benefited people from different corners. The book does not only present various negotiation skills but also gives sound advice on communicating with others to get what they want.


  • Flying Without a Net by Thomas J. DeLong



This book written by a Harvard business school professor is meant to help people who have achieved it with any professionalism to overcome anxiety and live life in the fun. The books help the readers with tools of facing their deepest fears and giving them tools for dealing with the fears. Anxiety blocks most of the leaders from facing new challenges. This book, therefore, helps the readers how to draw strength from vulnerability. The book draws roots of high achievers anxiety, destructive behaviors one can adapt to relieve anxiety and behaviors one has to adapt to gain strength from vulnerability.


  • Find a Way by Diana Nyad



This great motivational leader written by Diana is used to describe the authors experience as she swam from Cuba to Florida without an encounter with any shark. The book speaks of perseverance even after failure. The book is covered with three pillars of never giving up, never too old to chase your dreams, and emphasis on teamwork.


Various other books can help in impacting leaders with multiple skills. These books have been drawn from prolific and great writers who have emerged as best sellers. Although the list is endless, a search of these books through Google and Youtube can give you an insight the best book to purchase.

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Best Leadership Books


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