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There is one sure way to achieve the residual income dream that is promised to Network Marketers, and that is to recruit, recruit, and recruit some more!  You may have heard the term “Phase 1” to describe staying in production mode. That is, in the mode of prospecting, presenting and enrolling. A professional Network Marketer remains in ‘Phase 1’ and knows that they have to if they are to ever see true freedom from their successful business.  After all, our JOB is to open more distribution points, i.e. customer gathering distributors. The income generated from leveraging the work of many is how that dream becomes a reality.  


The answer is yes, but only if those you sponsor actually duplicate your efforts! That is if they are supported enough to learn the skills required to also recruit and lead people to the tools and training they require to succeed.  If you simply recruit and leave your new people to the wolves, you are nothing more than a sponsor monster and may as well be working in a direct sales model with zero residual income built in, because you will only earn on the initial sale.


So how does a professional Network Marketer remain in ‘Phase 1’, recruiting large numbers of distributors consistently, and still properly support their new folks?

More importantly, how do they do it without spending every waking moment working their business?  I mean, supporting all of those people can be exhausting if you don’t have a system and plan in place!
how to 10x your business

Maintaining the 80/20 Rule Is Critical to Stay in Growth


New Network Marketers often fall into the trap of leaving phase 1 behind as soon as they have a few people enrolled. They typically have been given a rank title that implies that they are now in ‘management mode’ of their new team. They feel ‘responsible’ for the success of the few people they have brought on and will spend their working hours supporting them.   Because they aren’t in production mode themselves, they are focused on their new team producing to increase their check. This is disastrous! The only person you can depend on to grow your check is YOU.  The few people that are enrolled are highly unlikely to make you rich – and if you look to them to do what you aren’t doing, you are in a very sad place indeed. Have you heard the phrase ‘You can’t push a rope’? This is what you’ll find yourself doing if you keep ‘helping’ the people you enrolled instead of minding your own business.  What is your business? It’s staying in Phase 1, remember?


But you really can’t just leave those new people to the wolves. You’ve got to develop a system for training up those people. An incredible truth to remember is that ‘Tools and systems will get them into the money, and Team Culture will keep them in until they get to the BIG money!’

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The most critical thing for you to do with your new recruit within 72 hours is to insulate them with your company’s system and tools.  That will keep them from making a fool of themselves.  Next, you’ve got to make sure they know you have a culture of caring people who have FUN working together.


This is where you spend 20% of your work hours are spent, and its best to schedule them in FIRST.  There is a real psychological benefit to putting your team on your calendar first.  When you put your team training/one on one coaching/support calls on the calendar first, you can leave behind the feeling that you aren’t taking care of them.  When you know you have pre-determined 15-minute calls scheduled, you can stop thinking about how you can help them ‘all the time’!  You can stop posting support articles/videos all day in your group… and you can get back to phase 1!


Once your calendar is set with the support of your existing team, it is easy to see how much time is free to prospect, present, and enroll new people.  With all of this free time, it’s easy to see how you can 10x your prospecting efforts!



How to 10x your prospecting without leaving your recruits to the wolves
10x Your Prospecting Efforts, 80% of the Time

Now that you’ve scheduled the support of your existing team, you should see that your calendar has a ton of EMPTY SPACE! All of that free time is meant to be spent doing one thing, and one thing only – prospecting, presenting, and following up to enroll! It’s time for you to laser focus on those revenue generating activities and goes for all-out massive action.  You have the opportunity to expand your business 10 fold, without worry that your existing team will be left to the wolves!

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How to 10x Your Prospecting Efforts Without Leaving Your New Recruits to the Wolves


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