Viridian Launches New Partnership with Click Energy Company

Viridian Launches New Partnership with Click Energy Company

The Viridian company recently launched a new strategic partnership with Click Energy. The partnership will allow Viridian to distribute its products through the online retailer Click Energy. Both companies believe the deal will cut costs due to its low overhead and pass those savings down to customers. Overall, they are confident they can work together to find new and innovative ways to deliver value while helping the environment.

The company was founded in 2009 by Michael Fallquist. Viridian focuses on developing affordable green energy solutions that can help the environment. Viridian offers a range of energy options for residential and commercial customers, including renewable electricity, solar power, and natural gas. The company’s natural gas is green because they have developed a way to use it without polluting the environment with carbon and other harmful chemicals. Viridian’s leaders estimate that the company’s products have prevented 7 billion pounds of carbon dioxide from polluting the atmosphere.

Viridian Launches New Partnership with Click Energy Company - Wind

Viridian works with over 1,000 independent sales associates to sell their renewable energy products to customers. They are working on building a network of independent sales associates in Australia. Overall, Viridian helps their independent sales associates achieve financial success by offering affordable and responsible energy solutions using a direct selling model.

Viridian Launches New Partnership with Click Energy Company - Michael Fallquist

The green energy company is making waves in the industry. The Direct Selling Association recognized Viridian’s efforts by rewarding the company with the ETHOS Rising Star Award. The organization only gives the award to companies that show spectacular growth and a great business strategy. Founder and CEO Michael Fallquist was also chosen as a regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.

Viridian Launches New Partnership with Click Energy Company - Click Energy

Although Click Energy is not the first electricity provider that is 100% online, they are the first service team based in Australia that only operates online. Click Energy’s founders established the company in 2006 because they wanted to find a way to offer people cheap electricity. Electricity retailers, such as Click Energy, buy electricity from energy generators. Then the electricity retailers sell it to their customers using an electricity distributor. Ultimately, Click Energy and other energy retailers are responsible for making sure that every customer has access to electricity. The company is the first company people will call if they have issues with their electricity or other problems. Besides being the main point of contact for customers, Click Energy, and other energy retailers, act as the bridge between electricity generators and energy distributors. Even though Click Energy and similar companies do not generate the electricity or distribute it to the customers, the company acts as the official face of the electricity provider. Click Energy is also responsible for packaging up the electricity options into a wide selection of potential energy plans for customers. 

Viridian Launches New Partnership with Click Energy Company

Click Energy is different from the other electricity retailers in the market because it is one of the few to fully operate online. Since Click Energy is an online energy retailer, the company has very low overhead costs. Ultimately these lower costs translate into big savings to their Australian customers. If customers have a question about their products and services they can just reach out with a phone call or email for more information. Instead of making the industry confusing for everyone, Click Energy focuses on trying to make electricity as simple as possible for their retail and commercial customers. Click Energy currently serves more than 130,000 customers across the country with the help of their sales associates.

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