Prospecting 101 - The Do's And Dont's

Getting started in network marketing means you are going to have to go out and talk to people about what you are doing.

That is Prospecting 101 and you will want to know the do’s and don’ts as you venture out into the wild.  Whether it be your family, friends or people you don’t know yet, if you don’t get the word out about your venture, then success is not an option.

That being said, there are methods that will create a better road to success and others that will lead you to a difficult and challenging time.  To put your best foot forward, here are some suggestions to aid you in your network marketing prospecting endeavors.

Prospecting 101 Do’s and Don’ts – It’s time to get out there…

Prospecting 101 - The Do's And Dont's

Make Your List

Your upline/sponsor probably will tell you to write down every single person you know.  That’s a start.  It can also be daunting.  But do it.  If you, guaranteed, you’ll see someone you thought of and didn’t talk to joining up with someone else in your company or another MLM company.  However, I don’t recommend jumping to your list and barreling through it like a runaway train. 

Doing that will get you a large number of NO’s right off the bat.

Once you have your list, be strategic in how you approach them.  Whether it’s face to face, over the phone, a text or online, there are ways to pique interest.

Subscribing to the every No gets you closer to a Yes is a sure fire way to hit a good deal of rejection.  It might produce some results, but if you don’t have the proper training and skill set, the no’s will continue to rain down upon you.

Take it slow and be willing to learn the systems, as much as you can about the industry, and jump head first into Personal Development.

Prospecting 101 - The Do's And Dont's

Vomiting On Family And Friends

Try not making every conversation be about your new company and talking to everyone you know about your new opportunity. If you’re new, you’re probably excited and rightly so. You see the road to riches and freedom ahead of you and want everyone to know.  It happens to all of us.  Learn from all of our mistakes.

Put the brakes on.

Consider it like dating.  You know guy or gal who’s like, “look at me, look at me”.  They are not nearly as appealing as the one who you aren’t quite sure about and doesn’t come at you like a puppy dog.  You have all the time in the world, you don’t have to let your closest circles know in the first 48 hours.

Which brings us to …

Warm Market vs. Cold Market

If you’ve never heard these two terms before, they are very easy to explain.  Your warm market is the people you already have a relationship with.  Your friends.   Your family.  The people who know you and you interact with.

For example, your doctor or postman could be your warm market.

Your cold market is just the opposite.  It’s the people you don’t know yet.  The people you meet while you are out and about running errands, at the gym, in line getting coffee.  Here there is no solidified nor established a relationship prior to the encounter.

Know that often you’ll find better success with your cold market over your warm market simply due to the fact that they don’t have a preconceived notion about who you are and what you are embarking upon.  It can take quite some time for family and friends to come around all because of how closely they’ve seen you living your life.  And sometimes, they never do.  Here’s the cool part, you can be incredibly successful with or without them.

Going Out To “Prospect”

This is just plain weird.  Your not hunting deer.

When network marketers make a plan to get together and go out prospecting.  Run from this; it’s so unnatural.  So forced.  Do not do this.

What would be more beneficial and “normal”, would be to going about living your life and when you run across people that are engaging, then ask them a question, establish rapport and begin a conversation that might lead to knowing them better and potentially sharing what you do.

Prospecting 101 - The Do's And Dont's

Don’t Be Weird and Don’t Stalk

This may sound redundant, but sometimes it can be challenging to talk about what you are doing and gauging the interest of others.  Just be you.  Don’t force things.  You aren’t trying to “get them”.  An opportunity was presented to you that gave you hope, or a vision or a way out.  Help people.  And in doing this, you do not want everyone.  You want the right people to join forces with you, not someone filing a restraining order on you.

Back to the dating analogy.  Make yourself desirable.  When you let people know what you are working on, it’s crucial to give them time and space.  Granted, if they are HOT HOT HOT, you’ll want to take action, but most people need time to marinate on what they’ve seen.  Allow that.  Let them observe what you are up to and get them wondering about it.  Trust that they’ll be watching and when the time is right, they’ll ask you about it again, or for the first time.

If you’ve messaged them or spoken to them and they do show interest, don’t get all juiced up on their reaction, that’s a quick way to have them run the other direction.  Be cool.  Continue to ask yourself how you’d be if someone was behaving this way towards you.  That can be a helpful tool in your efforts and keep you in check.

The Attraction Method

Take a look at what you find appealing.  Use that as a barometer as to how you will share what you are working on.  Share stories.  Talk about how you are helping others.  Highlight your life and what you are doing that is exciting and intriguing.  Use this as a way to garner attention and when the time is right, then you drop in what you are working on.

When you prospect this way, you let people observe you and your life rather than trying to sell them.  Their guard will be lowered and more receptive to what you are offering.  It may or may not be for them, but it makes for an easier conversation.  Whatever they end up choosing to do, they will appreciate your approach and efforts and you won’t risk losing that relationship because you’ve gone all weirdo on them.


Prospecting is a skill.  It’s not a hunting method.  Using proper techniques and methods will allow you to have a much greater rate of success.  Network marketers are in the relationship building business.  The more you can create the rapport and build on that, the greater the likelihood you will grow your business.  Taking the time to learn people skills and grow your own personal development is paramount.  Who you are today and who you will be a year down the line will be vastly different if you take the time to study the industry and model the successes around you.   Become an expert on people and prospecting will become second nature.

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Prospecting 101 – The Do’s And Dont’s


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