The New Hat Trick: Herbalife Partners with Global Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo to Launch New CR7 Drive Sports Drink

The New Hat Trick- Herbalife Partners with Global Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo to Launch New CR7 Drive Sports Drink - Cristiano Ronaldo

He shoots! He scores! What an event! Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo scored the best goal in the final round in the 2015/16 Champions League between Real Madrid and Roma according to public voting on the uefa website. Ronaldo’s popularity is well-known along with his hat tricks, and now he scores a new kind of hat trick. The new hat trick: Herbalife partners with Cristiano Ronaldo to launch CR7 Drive sports drink.

A hat trick in soccer is when a player scores three goals in one soccer match. Here the hat trick is three well-suited stars of a healthy performance mindset: Herbalife, Ronaldo and CR7. As with any hat trick, talent, strength, practice, foresight and performance are the basic ingredients. The same is true for this new hat trick on every level.  

The New Hat Trick- Herbalife Partners with Global Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo to Launch New CR7 Drive Sports Drink

Consider the talent and foresight of the Herbalife specialist to created a supplement that improves the performance of the human body under the most strenuous of conditions. This is true science at its best. For what decides what is good science unless it is the ultimate performance of the science in action?  

Now consider the talent, practice, and performance of Ronaldo. It doesn’t get any better! What a challenge! Look at the recent championship if you haven’t seen it. Enough said.  

Now the crown jewel, the third goal, CR7 Drive. Something like this only comes along in life but a few times. A powerful performance enhancer developed with a real athlete as the test subject! That is pushing the envelop. Keep reading.   

Cristiano Ronaldo has a habit of taking his nutrition to optimize his performance very seriously. “Cristiano recognizes how a proper diet, in combination with select nutrients, can help bolster performance,” said Michael Johnson, chairman and CEO, Herbalife. 

Herbalife, as Ronaldo’s official nutrition sponsor, and Ronaldo, had been working together to improve the star’s day-to-day nutrition. The aim was at maximizing performance. Out of this collaboration was created the new CR7 sports drink. CR, of course, honoring Cristiano Ronaldo. The 7 honors his Real Madrid number.

The New Hat Trick- Herbalife Partners with Global Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo to Launch New CR7 Drive Sports Drink -

Though the product is based on the needs of Ronaldo, the everyday athlete or fitness buff has essentially the same needs. “Herbalife understands how critical nutrition is for my performance,” said Cristiano Ronaldo in a recent interview.  He also expressed enthusiasm in helping athletes around the world to understand the relationship between nutrition and performance.

CR7 Drive is a nutritional supplement that comes in the form of a powder. That powder is meant to be taken before or during a workout to keep you hydrated, boost your energy, boost your lean muscle gains, and enhance fat burning. CR7 has four main ingredient:

  • A special carbohydrate blend boosts performance.
  • Vital electrolytes including sodium, potassium and magnesium. 
  • Vitamin B12 which is required for metabolism and other health benefits.
  • Made of natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners or artificial food dyes.


Meanwhile, The launch of CR7 Drive was held at Herbalife’s recent annual Asia-Pacific Extravaganza in Seoul, Korea. Herbalife says that CR7 Drive is now available in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau and Taiwan. Frank Lamberti, Herbalife’s senior vice president, concluded, “Cristiano Ronaldo is an outstanding footballer who places a high value on good nutrition and has a huge following in the region. Therefore, we are absolutely thrilled to offer this sports nutrition product to the Asia-Pacific market.”  

The New Hat Trick- Herbalife Partners with Global Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo to Launch New CR7 Drive Sports Drink - CR7

So wow, what a hat trick! A great nutritionally driven company – Herbalife, a great nutritionally driven athlete – Ronaldo, and a great nutrition – CR7 Drive, are all scored in one game.  

Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has been changing people’s lives since 1980 with great products in nutrition, weight-management, energy and fitness, and personal care products which are available in more than 90 countries. 

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