Network Marketing Labs – Setting Expectations with Matt Morrow

Network Marketing Labs – Setting Expectations with Matt Morrow

I’d like to talk to you a little bit about expectations as it relates to network marketing. You know, it’s an interesting topic. We’ve all heard, “You can’t get rich quick,” but you know what? THere’ll probably be some personal develop mentor says, “Well if you believe that then it’s true. Who says you can’t get rich?” I want to just talk, without any personal development rhetoric in it, let’s just talk about expectations.

I’m all for big goals and whatnot, but people when they get in network marketing, one of the challenges is that they quit before they’re successful. What are your expectations? What I encourage people to do is take a look at what their income is now and then what they’re looking to achieve, the number of hours that they work now and what they’re looking to achieve. For example, for someone who earns a half a million dollars a year, if they were to say, “Part-time, I’d like to earn ten thousand dollars a month,” it’s probably realistic because they know what kind of difference they have to make to make a half a million dollars a year. Maybe it’s in a totally different profession, but they’ve reached that level of contribution and making a difference to get that level of compensation. With probably just putting that level of effort into it that is maybe on a part-time basis, they could get to that.

Contrast that with the person who’s never made more than five thousand dollars a month. They come in and say, “Yeah, I want to make ten thousand dollars a month.” They have an expectation, how difficult is that going to be for them? It’s going to be a step up in their belief in themselves, their self-worth and so forth. It’s going to take a little bit of effort and time, and a lot of people come into this business, speaking of time, and they work like forty minutes a week, not forty hours a week, and yet at their forty hour a week job they make five thousand, and at this job they want to make ten thousand. You’ve got to have your expectations in alignment with reality.

Again, I know you’ve probably been to a seminar where they say, “Reality is something you make up in your mind,” and so forth. Granted, but “Do not quit,” is what I’m going to say, if your expectations are not met, because some people have unrealistic expectations. All I know is this: If I had quit in my first six months because I hadn’t made it to ten thousand dollars a month, I’d be in a world of hurt. I would probably still be working at a nine to five job now, which was complete and utter torture for me, but I stuck it out until I got momentum, until I figured it out, and then I just started layering effort on top of effort on top of effort and made it work.

Don’t expect to make a fortune by working forty minutes a week that’s more than you’re making working forty hours a week. I know that probably sounds very simple, but keep track of the amount of time and effort and energy you put in in comparison to what you have earned in the past, and don’t be unrealistic, because that causes people to quit. You can only fail if you quit.

Network Marketing Labs – Setting Expectations with Matt Morrow




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