Network Marketing Labs – Your Own Personal Energy with Matt Morrow

Network Marketing Labs – Your Own Personal Energy with Matt Morrow

Hey let’s talk a little about energy, and I’m not talking about the kind of energy like solar versus coal. I’m talking about your own personal energy. For me I think one of the best motivational speakers live is Tony Robbins. If you’ve been to a Tony Robbins event you know that there is a lot of energy in that room and when you come out of a Tony Robbins event you are charged up. I mean you are energized right?

We’ve all have had that experience of being super motivated, super high energy and then what happens is gradually our personal energy gets drained. What’s an energy suck or energy drain? Maybe you have a prospect and you text them and they don’t text back or maybe you go on a drive and you know, what could go bad on a drive? You hit every red light and you start saying the wrong things to yourself and your energy starts to drain.

What you want to be really conscious of in network marketing is having your energy right. Because prospects feel that energy. When you’re talking to someone you could be saying all the right things, “Well our company pays very, very well and our product is super good. You’ll feel wonderful.” It’s in-congruent, your energy doesn’t match what you’re saying. I have certain tricks that I do to myself, like staying plugged in.

You hear that, “Stay plugged in.” It’s just like if you had a Tesla Roadster, that really amazing electric car and you’re just jamming and it looks good and it responds and it’s fast, but at night you come in and what do you do? You plug it in. In network marketing what I recommend you do is you stay plugged in. Plug into events, plug into personal development. Plug into retreats, plug into Masterminds. Spend the time and energy to recharge your personal battery, to recharge your energy.

Do what it takes, what makes you feel good? When you feel good and your energy’s right, people are going to want to do what you’re doing. If you look miserable, if you are stressed, if your energy is off. People are not going to want to do what you’re doing because then they’re going to feel how you’re feeling. Does this make sense? It’s so important to go to the conventions, to plug in on the Saturday training, to get in on that Sunday night conference call. To read that book, to watch that video.

These things all charge your energy and constantly you’re in a battle in our industry between things that are taking your energy, you know that three way call, my favorite energy suck in the world. Don’t do this to your up line, that three way call with the person that you just have to talk to. They want to hear it and all that person does is just talk about nonsense. I just sit there and like, you want to hang yourself at the end of it. Talkers can be an energy suck, you’re going to have all that happening, what are you going to do to charge your energy? Keep your level ten energy going at all times. That my friends is what I have to say about energy.

Network Marketing Labs – Your Own Personal Energy with Matt Morrow





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