MLM Legal News- Arbonne International Expands into New Zealand - New Zealand

Arbonne International announced their plans to expand into New Zealand.  This MLM legal news was revealed during the company’s annual Global Training Conference. Arbonne International has already launched in Poland, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. The executive management is excited to share the company’s products with more countries.  

Arbonne International plans to celebrate expanding to New Zealand with organized launch events in three different cities. The public will get to explore the brand at the events, which will create buzz and publicity. Arbonne International will also begin to hire new New Zealand consultants and distributors.   

The beauty company was originally started by Peter Mørck. Mørck, who lived in Switzerland, was determined to create safe, high-quality products that would improve the customer’s inner and outer health. He founded Arbonne International in 1975 after working with herbalists, biochemists, and biologists to create beauty products with all natural ingredients. It didn’t take long before Arbonne International’s skincare products became popular in the United States.

MLM Legal News- Arbonne International Expands into New Zealand - Arbonne

Arbonne International offers a unique opportunity for people to start their own business as independent consultants. Independent consultants earn a living by selling the company’s beauty and skincare products and earning a commission on each sale. The company also offers travel opportunities, financial rewards and other incentives to encourage independent consultants to work hard and increase sales. The health and beauty company’s network of independent consultants has only continued to grow every year. 

Arbonne International offers nutritional supplements manufactured by Natural Alternatives International. Natural Alternatives International is based in San Marcos, California and was founded in 1980. The manufacturer has facilities in multiple countries, including Japan, California, and Switzerland. Jenny Craig, NuSkin Enterprises, and Mannatech are just some of the companies that sell products made by Natural Alternatives International. 

MLM Legal News- Arbonne International Expands into New Zealand - Product Line

Everyone at Arbonne International believes in the concept of “being green”, especially since its founding 35 years ago. Since that belief is ingrained in the core of the company, the company continues to look for ways to make their products and business processes more environmentally friendly. As a result, every product made by Arbonne International has pure, safe, and cruelty–free ingredients. The product’s ingredients are also plant-based so there aren’t any harmful chemicals to ingest.  The leaders of Arbonne International says they are dedicated to being environmentally friendly and will continue to look for ways to become greener day. For them, being green is not a destination; it is a journey or process that continues every single day.

MLM Legal News- Arbonne International Expands into New Zealand - Arbonne Green Company

Arbonne International’s core values of being green are so deeply ingrained in the company’s mission and values that its environmental progress through the years is proudly displayed on its website. The company first introduced its cruelty-free, plant-based products in the United States in the 1980s. During the 1990s, the company decided to join Iceland’s “Friends of the Environment” tree planting program. Arbonne International also added a recycled logo to their product’s packaging in that decade. They also revised their mission statement: “For all levels in the organization to contribute locally, nationally and internationally to the improvement of our ecological, social and cultural environment”. Once email and the internet became popular and widespread in the 90s, the company decided to mail out their reports and other communications to people instead of wasting paper.  Within the last decade, Arbonne International has decided to ship their products with recyclable and certified carbon neutral packaging. The company also uses soy-based inks to print materials and FSC-certified renewable resources for paper and printed materials.

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MLM Legal News: Arbonne International Expands into New Zealand


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