Congrats!  You’ve been introduced your first network marketing company.  Who was it that opened the conversation?  It might have been your sister, friend, neighbor, someone you met while in line at the grocery store.

Granted, you are skeptical.  Fair enough.  You may not know this person very well.  Or they haven’t created grand success for themselves yet. Then again, maybe they are a leader in their organization and they noticed something special about you.

You are also open to the idea.   It sounds appealing.

Network Marketing ScamWait….you know someone who said they got scammed doing this before.  Did they really?  Or did they give it a half effort attempt and gave up after their first rejection and rather than accepting the responsibility, they quit and blamed the industry.  Sadly, it happens far too often.

Anyway, you decide to check the opportunity out for yourself.  Good first step.  Now, they’ve shared with you what they do and on all the advantages of their company and why you should join them in their pursuit.

ACK.  Your spidey-sense is tingling as you remember you’ve heard about those the dreaded “pyramid scheme” rumors.  So what do you do?   Is it for real or is this one of THOSE things?

The truth is yes.  It is for real.  And yes, it could be one of THOSE things.  Depending on what you do, you could reap incredible benefits or be taken for a bunch of money.  Let’s focus on the positive and what this industry can do for you.   

Learn the 5 things you should consider when choosing your first MLM company.

5 tips to choosing the right MLM company

On the winning side here are a few advantages you will gain:

  • You can make a bunch of money
  • Pay off those darned credit card bills
  • Get the time freedom you’ve always dreamed
  • Meet new people

These are but a few of the incredible benefits of getting involved in the direct sales industry.  Before you jump into the world of network marketing, there are 5 things I would suggest taking a look at to ensure your success.

5 tips to choosing the right MLM company homework


Let’s start here because that’s where you’ll go first.  You’ll jump on your laptop and open your chrome browser to google and type something like this “XYZ Company reviews” or “XYZ Company scam”.  You’ll begin to look for all the reasons why not to do this.  I am not saying to not to go googling the company to find out about who they are.  Do your research.  But you need to know that you are going to find bad reviews no matter what industry or product you search.  For the fun of it try googling “McDonalds Scam” and see what you uncover.

Rather than focusing on what is wrong, instead, find out what’s good. Look into the company, the offer and the primary way you make money.  Are they customer/product driven or are they heavily based on recruiting?  If a company structure pays more for recruitment than customer be wary.

leader - tips to finding the right network marketing company


Look at the leadership of the company and their track record.  Don’t get sucked into the “1st movers advantage” type statements.  Everyone uses that phrase.  Get to know the executive side and their previous successes.  The key to any top network marketing company is the leadership.  It all starts from the top and works down deep into the organization.

The Offer

Can you stand behind the product/service?  If it’s not something you believe in or are passionate about, then how is that going to translate when you are looking to grow your team and customer base?  Having been involved in a number of companies, the ones that I did not have faith in, were the ones that were the most difficult to inspire people to join.

Personal Development

Personal Development is KING.  I would bet it is safe to say that the direct sales/network marketing industry has spent more on Personal Development than any other industry on the planet.  Become the person you need to be to have the success you want.  If you placed before and after images side by side of every successful network marketer in the industry, they’d be unrecognizable.  Physically they may look identical, but what changes are from the inside out.  To create the success you desire, you will have to commit to serious personal development.  I’m sure the company you are looking at has suggested resources.  Ask about them.

choosing the right network marketing company


What do you want out of your life?  Are you happy with your current situation?  Do you want more?  Getting into your first MLM company is an incredible first step that you will be able to look back on years down the line as the time your direction in life shifted.  You are allowing yourself to take control and have the opportunity to create something for yourself and your family. Creating a legacy is a powerful stance and this pursuit offers that ability, unlike any other industry.  You are going to run into the word NO over and over and over.  This is part of the game.  And instead of getting beaten down, use it to your advantage.  I don’t suggest barreling through with the notion that each NO is one step closer to a yes.  It may be, but in place of that, grow yourself.  It’s an up and down road.  There will be bumps.  And it is like that you will join a few companies before finding the exact fit.  That’s okay.  And completely normal.  There are very few network marketers who have stayed with the same company for their entire career in direct sales.  It comes down to you and who you want to be in life.


Using these tips will assist as you explore the industry.  Stay open and when you get input from others, be certain that they have the expertise and knowledge to speak with an informed voice.

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5 Tips to Choosing the Right Network Marketing Company


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